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QT5A3LP V1.1 Software Free Download

QT5A3LP V1.1/1.5/2.0 Android Three-In-One Network Driver Board

QT5A3LP V1.1/1.5/2.0 is a smart FHD Android intelligent TV network system  Three in One Triple LCD/LED TV Motherboard that is Perfect Support for 32-inch to 50-inches LED glass screens.

QT5A3LP V1.1_software

QT5A3LP V1.1_firmware

Techniccal Specifications:

Main Borad Model: QT5A3LP V1.1/1.5/2.0

OS: Android 4.0

CPU: A7*2

CPU Frequency: 1GHz

GPU: Mali400*2

GPU Frequency: 550MHz

Ram: 512 Mb

Rom: 4 eMMC

Backlight: 45v to 54v 480mA, 51 to 56v 720mA

Audio Output: 2x8w

Resolution: upto 1920×1080 (32” to 50″)

Service Code: Menu+1147

Here are below some QT5A3LP V1.1/1.5 firmware for free download:


1QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_USB.part1Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_USB.part2Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_USB.part3Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_USB.part4Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_USB.part5Download
2QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Samsung_USB.part1Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Samsung_USB.part2Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Samsung_USB.part3Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Samsung_USB.part4Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Samsung_USB.part5Download
3QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_EMMC.part1Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_EMMC.part2Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_EMMC.part3Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_EMMC.part4Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_Samsung_EMMC.part5Download
4QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_China_USB.part1Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_China_USB.part2Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_China_USB.part3Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_China_USB.part4Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_China_USB.part5Download
5QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_3D_USB.part01Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_3D_USB.part02Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_3D_USB.part03Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_3D_USB.part04Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1366x768_3D_USB.part05Download
6QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Sony_USB.part01Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Sony_USB.part02Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Sony_USB.part03Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Sony_USB.part04Download
QT5A3LP V1.1_1920x1080_Sony_USB.part05Download

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    Good morning sir .
    sir mere paas Disply -LP141WX3(TL)(N1) (1200*800) or Universal Card – L.A.MV56U.A hai jiska softwre nahi mil paa rha hai me booht paresan hu,
    plzz help me sir

    Rohit kumar maurya
    Mo.NO – 6307396867
    Whatsaap No -8791417884

  2. A. S. O
    Mere pas (QT 552HP V3.8) KA SOFTWARE khin se v ni mila plz help me
    I am very worried

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