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Kazmi Elecom Team is always committed to providing the best services regarding free software and tools. If you find any software file missing or broken link or duplicate link then you can feel free to comment here anytime. Kazmi Eleacom Team will fully support it as soon as possible.


  1. Hello,
    My smart led tv shut down and |I think because of the software. I searched through your lovely website. I found the same issue with “wisdom share” screen. I tried to do the steps by downloading the software, All files in here were not found.
    I believe the software I need is tp.ms638.pc821-1g-8g Gibco
    My tv brand name is Gibco as well. It’s 42 inc I think.

    Please do solve the not found file. Please send me the direct link to start downloading it immediately.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  2. allupgrade_5508 required. Please share a download link.

  3. problem in downloading TP.MS338.PB801 world tech tv software 1920×1080 part2 to part5 due to software upgrade. Please solve the issue and share the download lnk.

  4. Hello
    My Wansa Smart TV (WLE50F7762SN) is stuck on wisdom share logo. I tried to download the software file but the file is not found. please send me a link for software file.
    Thank you in advance.

  5. tp.ms338.pb801 and india model number 40JP-S Plz help me
    led is note upgred and softwer is not working
    and jo softwer aap ki site se download kiye wo error bata rahe hai

  6. TP.MS.338.PC.821_1920X 1080_NIKAI_EMMC.PART4.RAR IS MISSING

    OTHER 3 files is downloaded but part 4 is missing i want it for my nikai tv

  7. Hello !!!
    The firmware of GL40F0B0ZS is missing . It says the site is under maintenance. Can you please share me the updated links ?

  8. Assalamualaikum,

    my orient 32 inch led back light issue, kindly let me know how can i deliver it to you for repair. Regards

  9. Adderly Taveras

    Hello Friend.

    I have been up-4ever links are down, I need a software from tp.ms338.pb801 1920×1080 ref56 and only up-4ever are on this server and the server is not available.

    Thanks for the help.

  10. Adderly Taveras

    friend hello again and sorry for the inconvenience, but the server Up-4ever is not available. and i need tp.ms338.pb801 software 1920×1080 512m_4g_ref60.

    • if you have any software. you can rename the ref00 to sos. it will work. but remote may not match

      • Adderly Taveras

        I understand friend, but I have downloaded several and none of them manages to work, the mainboard has 512m of ram and 4gb of rom and apparently the ones I have downloaded are for 1gb of ram. If you can upload the link2 it would be a great help.

  11. sanu shrestha

    40-mt56md-mad2lg need software but i serchsd in web but i cant found so plz sir ifu have similler typs of softwareor any solution sir plz sir………

  12. Huzefa Merchant

    I downloaded the firmware file all the 10 parts for HAIER 39 Smart LED TV LE40K6500AG , but on extracting the it is showing a corrupt file, if you can please send me the link thru we transfer , it will be much appreciated, My TV is stuck on HAIER logo it is rebooting after Haier Logo

    Request to please revert by email , your early revert much appreciated


    sir i want firmware for llyod l 40n led tv having rsag7.820.5511/roh board. mxic 25l3206e rom.your uploaded file llyod l40n rar is giving file damaged or format error

  14. Nageswara Reddy


  15. C. Nageswara Reddy

    Please send me CV338H-A42 1366×768 1GB 8GB NACSON TV SOFTWARE

    • Not available for this brand. try to hard reset. otherwise, try another one and use universal remote

      • C. Nageswara Reddy

        I have installed Intex cv338H-a42 software. It working fine but remote not working. Videotex remote supports for my tv. You have uploaded videotex software also. Please sir send me videotex remote file.

  16. My tv 49 inch vu tv .i searched goggle not get software. Please share me download link.

  17. salve mi servirebbe il firmware della mia tv haier le40b8000tf qualcuno puo aiutarmi grazie

  18. hello sir . i cant download file CV358H-B42_1920X1080_SHOWNIC parts 9 & 7
    i cant find what is the problem

  19. hello
    Hisense UHD Smart TV 55N3000UW.part3 is missing

  20. TP.MT5510S.PB803_1366X768_8G_1G_VIVAX_REF60.PART05
    dont want to download i dont know whay
    plz help me I want to be that

  21. Muhammad Alyas

    Assa La Mu Alikum

    Sir Link Share kar Raha ho Is Link Se koi b File Download nahi ho rahi ( Error Dircet Link Generate ) Issu aa Raha hy

  22. Muhammad Moosa

    Mere pas Premium 12900 me lnb short circuit ka msg araha he.Kya ap repair kar sakte he>



  24. Kazmi sb.
    would you please share your location/Adress and phone No. by email, I want to visit your premises for the recovery/restoration of my DVR firmware. Thanks

  25. Syed Shoaib Ahmed

    سلام عليكم و رحمت الله و بركاته
    i WANT Firmware for my Wansa Model # WUD55F8856S
    55 inch LED TV. The Youtube or any other App is not working.
    It has become a dumb TV w/o any smartness.
    Kindly provide the solution or required Software

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