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TP.R69 PD66 Firmware Free Download

TP.R69 PD66A QT552HP V2.3

Basic Info:

Main Board Model: TP.R69 PD66A (Smart WIFI Board)

Processor: 1.2 GHz Dual Core

Android Version: 4.0.4

Ram: 512MB

Rom: 1Gb to 4Gb

Main Inputs: HDMI, USB, CVBS, YPbPr, RF, VGA, Ethernet


This board has many hardware versions according to different hardware specifications like:

  • QT552HP V2.3
  • QT552HP V2.5
  • QT552HP V3.3
  • QT552HP V3.4
  • QT552HP V3.6

TP. R69 PD66A three-in-one Android LCD/LED Driver board. It is FHD Network WiFi Motherboard with screen resolution supported up to 1920×1080 which is suitable for 27″ to 32″ LCD screen Panels. TP_RT69_PD66A board has all the connectivity features with an android platform like AV, Ethernet, VGA, RF, HDMI, and USB interface.

Firmware Type: USB Update

Firmware Name: Install.img

Product User: Sast China, Xianke 7326 China

How to Update:

  1. Copy the upgrade file (Install.img) into USB Disk
  2. Plugin the USB Disk into USB Interface Port of Main TV Card
  3. Press and hold the power button on the TV Panel and then Turn on the TV
  4. After 5 seconds release the power button
  5. If the LED light starts flashing, it means TV is entered in Upgrade Mode and Upgrade screen will appear
  6. Within in 2 minutes, the process will be done and tv will go to standby mode.

Here are below some TP.R69 PD66 firmware for free download:


1TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part01Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part02Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part03Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part04Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part05Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part06Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part07Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part08Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part09Download
TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware.part10Download

Firmware File:

TP.R69 PD66_QT552HP V2.3_Firmware\先科7326 1366X768 TP.R69 PD66 QT552HP V2.3装系统按住开机键不放AC上电\New folder (2)\7326-TB_V30_QT552H-V2.3以上_ST3151A05_08_1366X768_倒屏_TI_开_TB_7KEY_JZ_LOGO_20160606-0823.zip

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