LDD.H510.A Firmware Free Download

LDD.H510.A Smart LED TV Board

LDD.H510.A board is a combo universal Full HD and Ultra High Definition board with a supported resolution of 1920×1080 and 4K UHD 3840×2160. LDD_H510_A is designed for FHD & UHD resolution-supported panels. These boards with a minimum of 512MB and a maximum of 1GB of ram and 4GB of Rom Storage in the shape of emmc chip and a maximum of 1 GB Ram Memory inbuild on this board. These boards are smart WIFI network-supported board that supports up to 4k UHD resolution.LDD-H510-A-boards are suitable for 40-65 inch screens.


General Specifications:

Model: LD.H510.A

Main Chipset: Hi3751 V310, V510

Resolution Supported: 2K & 4K

CPU: Quad-core ARM core processor

OS: Android 4.2.2

Ram: 512/1Gb

Rom:  4 Gb

Audio Output Power: 2X8 W (8Ω)

Backlight: 168-178V

Backlight Power: 500mA to 1000 mA

Service Code:

Firmware File: update.bin

Firmware Type: USB upgradeable Firmware

Note: The following given software/firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of loading/installing the firmware. If you are new and do not have enough knowledge of loading or installing software/firmware or dump files then read here first.

How to Download:

Download all parts of the following given firmware/software and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about the download process watch the video Click Here

LDD.H510.A Firmware file for Free Download:


For video tutorials, visit “Kazmi Elecom” my youtube channel.

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