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To know about the Vintage VCR, we should first know the VHS (Video Home System). There was a video format technology Betamax. but later on in 1976 VHS video format was introduced which became more popular than Betamax. So, nowadays VHS term is most popular in the television industry. VTR is a video tape recorder that was introduced to record audio and video analog data on magnetic tapes. However, it was costly technology, and machines were only used in television industries or on a commercial level.

There was the necessity for a machine that a domestic user could afford and use it. So, in the 80s an electromechanical machine was introduced that is called VCR. Which has both the features of VTR and Playback. To read more useful articles visit Here.



VCR is a known term that is a video cassette recorder that can record the analog video audio data as per a given input source but it can also play back the pre-recorded tape as well. That means it can be used commercially and domestically as well. VCR is a single machine that was the king during the 80s and 90s even after 2000 on Video Home System (VHS) until the new technology Compact Disc (CD) Player was introduced in the market. VCR is further introduced in the market as per the following variants:


Video cassette players designed for domestic purposes only can play back pre-recorded video cassettes but can not record video/audio as a recording option is not available in this machine. The program option is also not available on this machine. So, the clock display is also not available on that machine. The overall size of this machine is smaller or compact with respect to other recording machines.


TV/VCR Combo:

VCR and TV units both came into a single unit called combo TV/VCR and also called Televideo. But these units have not become popular in the market. Later on, some combo units were also introduced in the market with VCR and DVD along with TV units.

Vcr Tv Combo

VCR/DVD Combo:

A combination of DVD player/writer and VCR in a single unit called VCR/DVD Combo. These units were introduced in 2000 and are available right now in the market but are not so popular nowadays as user requirements change or multiple resources with higher technology are available at this time.

Vcr-Dvd Combo


Video Cassette Recorder has the special feature of a recording option with LCD, LED, and VFD panels on its front. A real-time clock is built into it and the user can set the time and program the recorder to record the TV shows of his own choice. RF tuner is mounted in the circuit board which can receive the signal from the broadcaster directly and display it on the player output interface. Video Plus+, Show View, and G-Code are mentioned on the front panel of the machine which means this machine is capable of recording/downloading as well. The remote control of the video player/recorder has a button for clocker timer programming.

This machine has additional input RCA or Scart connectivity interface on the rear side or front side to get input source signal and record it as per user demand. This feature was mostly used for copying videotape from one player to another recorder machine to make a duplicate copy of the tape. Later combo machines have the option to record internally from DVD to VCR or from Video Player to DVD by pressing one key copying button without connection to any external cables.

Mostly the copying function was required by the companies that make films and distribute them in the market at a huge level. They use special machines called VTR for this purpose. After that, in local markets, further copies are made for rental purposes to meet customer demand.

Description and Memories:

This machine is a combination of electronic circuit board and mechanical system. The following are the major parts of this machine:

  • Circuit Board & Power Board
  • Video Head
  • Audio Control Head
  • Erase Head
  • Motors
  • Sensors
  • Mode Switch or Program Switch

The video head is the most important part of this machine. It consists of cylinders like the lower cylinder that is fixed and the upper cylinder that is moveable by a motor and head chips that are mounted on the upper cylinder which is also called a rotating head drum.

Vcr Video Head

There was a time when the use of VCRs was very high to watch your own choice of videos, movies, dramas, etc. If anyone can not afford to purchase the VCR but he can afford to rent a video player and video cassette as well that was a good business in the market. Those days were really memorable days when someone carried the video player with movies on rent and the whole colony got together to watch movies in a single place.

Vcr Memories

At that time the TV was black and white but Life was colorful. Due to rental movies, the video head gets dirty and we have to clean it to clear the noisy picture with a 5 or 10-rupee note by an expert in the available crowd. Now whenever we remember those days, feel very happy. I think the young generation after 1995 missed all activities. After that, CDs and DVDs were introduced into the market, and the use of VHS Players is less nowadays.

Recent VCR’s USE:

Nowadays Video Cassette Player/Recorder is still being used for the following purpose:

  • VHS lovers still use it to watch old movies on VHS tapes.
  • Those who are converting VHS videos to digital media.

VCR Buying Guide:

VHS Players are very hard to find nowadays. So, Kazmi Elecom Team will assist you:

  • How to Purchase OLD/New Video Cassette Player.
  • Where to buy in Pakistan?
  • Which accessories are required to make it useful?

How to Repair:

Spare parts or replacement parts are very hard to find nowadays. So, Kazmi Elecom Team will assist you in arranging and repairing your non-functional Video Cassette Players. Please write in the comment box below and watch the video tutorials.

For video tutorials, visit “Kazmi Elecom” my YouTube channel.

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