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P75-338V6.2 Software Free Download

P75-338 V6.2 Smart LED TV Board

P75-338 V6.2 is a high-speed network universal driver board with the FHD resolution of 1920×1080. It is dedicated to 32″ to 65″ screens. has a powerful wifi system. Smart FHD TV features With Android Platform and great features to entertain Full HD Wide Screen with better to work SMART feature. P75-338-V6.2 Smart Board has multiple ports of A/V, USB interface Ports, and many HDMI ports as well in addition to VGA and Headphones also. P75_338_V6.2 has a LAN/RJ45 Ethernet Connector interface port also for the wired/cable internet network. P75 338 V6.2 is a Combo high-speed Network Triple play motherboard that has the  ATV, Backlight Driver Board, and Power Supply Module built-in in it. The Video and Sound quality of the P75-338-V6.2 android board are very good and the Response rate is very efficient. P75.338.V6.2 china smart network board has an android 4.4 version.


Specifications & Features:

Brand/Mark: FHD Smart LED TV Main Board

Main Board Model: P75-338 V6.2

Main Chipset:

Interface: Single/Dual LVDS


Operating System: Android 4.4

CPU: 4 Core A7

CPU Frequency: 1.2 GHz

GPU: Mali400*2

GPU Frequency: 500MHz

Ram: 512Mb/1Gb DDR SD-Ram

Rom: 4/8 Gb eMMC

Audio Output: 2x8w

Resolution: up to 1920×1080 (32” to 65″)

Panel Power: 12V

Power Input: 100-240V AC

Firmware type: USB Update

Firmware Name: messi.bin

Note: The following given firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as result with uploading/downloading the firmware.

How to Download:

Download all parts of your required resolution and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about download process watch video Click Here


Here is some P75-338 V6.2 firmware for free download:


1P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_QUALITA.part1Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_QUALITA.part2Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_QUALITA.part3Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_QUALITA.part4Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_QUALITA.part5Download
2P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_TELSTAR.part1Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_TELSTAR.part2Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_TELSTAR.part3Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_TELSTAR.part4Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_1G_8G_TELSTAR.part5Download
3P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-32SMS.part1Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-32SMS.part2Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-32SMS.part3Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-32SMS.part4Download
P75-338 V6.2_1366x768_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-32SMS.part5Download
4P75-338 V6.2_1920x1080_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS.part1Download
P75-338 V6.2_1920x1080_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS.part2Download
P75-338 V6.2_1920x1080_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS.part3Download
P75-338 V6.2_1920x1080_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS.part4Download
P75-338 V6.2_1920x1080_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS.part5Download

Firmware Files:

MACC17-01930109_BOLIVIA_KDE39MI311LN-5_P75-338-V6.2_ISDB_1G_8G_LC390TA2A_QUALITA_IR_Y096U_2017041 1_143543_YES

MACC17-02000117_CostaRica_KDE32MI311LN-5_P75-338-V6.2_ISDB_1G_8G_LSC320AN10_TELSTAR_IR_Y096U_201705 24_152611_NO


P75-338 V6.2_1920x1080_512M_4G_NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS\NT-40SMS-CSA25-1710_T1710-32_LE-4028A_messi.bin

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  1. i have a led tv which is android based having 512 mb ram and 8 gb storage and is labeled as setmax by malhotra group delhi. i want to upgrade it to lollipop or higher version and also want to upgrade ram as well
    description is as follows
    2 usb
    2 hdmi
    1 audio
    1 vga
    2 tree pin for connection of audio video

  2. P75.338 v6
    I need factory code

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