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T.SK105A.03 Firmware Free Download

T.SK105A.03 Universal LED TV Board

Basic Info:

Model No. T.SK105A.03

Main Chipset: UTS6710-x

Display Format: up to 1920×1200 (FHD)

Supported Screens: up to 42″

Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 & 16:10

TV Format: Analog Signal

Support Language: Russian, English, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Khmer, Vietnamese, Myanmar, French, German, Italian, Spanish



General Specifications:


Panel Interface: LVDS Double 6/8

Key Button Functions: CH-/CH+/MENU/VOL-/VOL+Souce/Power

Multi-Language OSD: Yes

Input/Output Ports: HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, RF TV interface, and Earphone Out

Audio O/P Power: 2 x 3 Watt (8 ohms)

Screen voltage: 3.3V / 5V / 12V (Jump cap)

USB Port: Yes (Firmware Upgrade and Multimedia Playback Support)

USB File Format: Audio (Mp3, wma, m4a/aac), Video (avi, mp4, ts/trp, mkv/mov, mpg, dat, vob, rm/rmvb),                                                 Picture (Jpg, jpeg, bmp, png), Text (text)

IR Control: Yes (Controllable by Remote Control)

Electrical Parameters:

Working Input Voltage: DC +12 Volt

Maximum Current: 3-5 Amp

Standby Power: <0.2W (for the motherboard only)

Maximum Current for USB: 500mA

Not only USB interface can be used to upgrade programs, but also can use to play video/music/photo, basically, formats are supported. You can also set a boot display pictures or LOGO and Mirror Enable.

How to Upgrade T.SK106A.03 Program:

  1. Copy the Required bin file in FAT32 USB Disk
  2. Plugin the U disk into the Mainboard USB port of LCD/LED TV
  3. Switch ON the power and Wait even IR indicator led flashing stop (or flashing speedily)
  4. Done. Unplug the U-disk (It will take max 1 min to upgrade firmware)

Factory Service Mode:


Firmware Name: UTS6710_100.bin

Firmware Type: USB upgradeable

Remote Type: M90

Note: The following T.SK105A.03 firmware/software is USB upgradeable. Download the required resolution and then extract/unzip anyone of them you will get the folder. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the firmware.

How to Download T.SK105A.03 Firmware files:

Download your required T.SK105A.03 resolution file and then extract them you will get the folder. Now copy the bin and txt files to USB. for More Detail about the download process watch video Click Here

T.SK105A.03 Firmware All resolutions Free Download Here :



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  1. Hi sir
    Can you help me please.
    I need datasheet of T.SK105A.03 board

  2. After updating, my screen reproduces the image with grain and inverting the colors. Can you help me ? My screen is a LP156WH2 and is it possible to reflash old firmware?

  3. Hello! … I have bought the t-sk105a-03 board and it works fine, but I only play videos with audio in MP4 format, … in other video formats (MKV, AVI, etc) its playback is mute and the OSD message appears “AUDIO NOT COMPATIBLE”. I flashed with the proper firmware from this web page, but the silent playback of MKV and AVI videos still remains. What could be the cause? Thanks in advance

  4. Hello. I installed the 1920 x 1080 firmware for AUO B173HW01 v4. I changed LVDS map to JEIDA from NS setting.

    Why is the picture washed out, like very white, and resolution is very grainy

  5. Pls help me i want to change the backlight value but changing it does not change the brightness.

  6. Hallo,
    ich möchte meinen Controller an ein anderes Display mit anderer Auflösung anschließen.
    Aber wenn ich die Firmware ändern möchte, zeigt er nur “Gleiche Version” an.
    Wie kann ich die Firmware überschreiben?

    Viele Grüße


    I would like to connect my controller to another display with a different resolution.
    But when I want to change the firmware, it just shows “Same version”.
    How can I overwrite the firmware?

    Best wishes

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