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VS.TP53U52.2 Software Free Download

VS.TP53U52.2 Software

VS.TP53U52.2 is a combo LCD/LED driver controller board suitable for 24 to 32 inch TVs. This new Board is best according to its features like backlight adjustment, Mirroring option and Logo capture. VS_TP53U52_2 is best suitable for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East as well. VS-TP53U52-2 supports Full HD Resolution of 1920×1080.


General Specifications:

Model Number: VS.TP53U52.2

Main Chip: TSUMV53RUU-Z1

Screen Supported: 18 to 32 inch

Resolution: 1920×1080

Backlight:  35W

Mirror Option: Yes

Backlight Adjustment: Yes

Panel Voltage: 5v, 12V

Capture Logo: Yes

Service Menu:

Input + 208

Here are below VS.TP53U52.2 firmware for all resolution free download:


1VS.TP53U52.2_1366x768_China_Backup DumpDownloadDownload

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  1. plz upload the software of Malaysian samsung 4k smart LED software of the modal no. UN42K12000/KDL42W1100/UN52K10000/KDL-52W1200

  2. Please give me software my whatapp no 9588136220 vs.tp53u52.2 1920/1080

  3. Vs.Tp53u52.2 board coding and connection

  4. How to install software .its not taking

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