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STB Flash Dump Backup Files Free Download

STB Firmware Backup

Set Top Box or STB is a decoder box also known as television decoder box, cable tv box, tv-tuner box, and digital cable tv box or cable box. Mostly Set-top box is used for cable tv and some for satellite television and other STB devices are used for tv signal that is builtin with TV-Tuner. STB according to its specifications may be android or non-android. Each STB box has firmware inbuilt with EEPROM. Sometimes its firmware malfunctions due to some technical reasons and we are unable to operate it normally and it became dead only with red light indication. So, for this, we have to rewrite its flash backup file that we have already saved or backup from a working STB. Flash dump backup file can be saved by a programming tool and it cab be rewrite also with the help of a programmer. Always be careful it is not an upgrade file and if you load it with the USB drive in your working box that may cause dead/damage to your STB. Be careful when loading firmware or writing backup dump files to your box first you should check the STB model number or chassis number.


According to box specifications and features, it has different characteristics like MPEG4, DVBT, or DVBT2 with different channel tunning options. It depends on the brand/vendor or your region. Dany TV Device also has a VGA connectivity port for Monitor display with TV Tuner but not have the TV output port. Hence Some STBs like Denay are for satellite television. Digital cable tv box is only used for connectivity of cable tv for decoding from a service provider that has a TV output port. and nowadays all STBs have HDMI connectivity and AV as well.



All software files are saved from working STBs with the help of the Programming tool and can be loaded or written by the programmer.

Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of writing/Installing the firmware.

How to Download:

Download the following given firmware and extract/unzip. Now copy the file to USB. for More Detail about download process watch the video Click Here

Here are below STB Firmware For Free Download:


1STB DANY HD-550_Backup_DumpDownload
2STB DANY HDTV 600_Backup_DumpDownload
3STB DENAY 235_25Q32_Backup_DumpDownload
4STB DENAY 323_25Q16_Backup_DumpDownload
5STB DENAY 327 NEW_25Q32_Backup_DumpDownload
6STB DENAY 327 OLD_25Q16_Backup_DumpDownload
7STB DENAY 501HD_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
8STB DENAY 502HD_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
9STB DENAY 512HD_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
10STB DENAY 525HD_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
11STB DENAY 527HD_25F32_Backup_DumpDownload
12STB DENAY 528HD_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
13STB DENAY 601HD_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
14STB DENAY 701AE_25Q32_Backup_DumpDownload
15STB DENAY 801T2_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
16STB DENAY 802T2_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
17STB DENAY 803T2_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
18STB DENAY 941T2_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
19STB DENAY 942T2_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
20STB DENAY 943T2_25L32_Backup_DumpDownload
21STB HAIER DH1681A( E )_Backup_DumpDownload
22STB OVT HD Model-CHA027190_Backup_DumpDownload
23STB STC Cable TV Box 25Q128_Backup_DumpDownload
24STB VIVAX T-2152_Backup_DumpDownload
25STB DEXP HD-7734PDownload
26STB DEXP HD-7789PDownload
27STB DEXP HD-8835PDownload
28STB DEXP HD-8898PDownload
29STB DEXP HD-9165PDownload
30STB DEXP HD-9395PDownload
31STB DEXP HD-9879PDownload


  1. Assalam o alikum.. Sir I have a smart 32 inch led TV of Samsung china..all other apps are working perfect but on YouTube it shows the list but when I play a video it went surfing or sometime screen goes black nd nothing plays no sound no video.. I did reset the app nd resetted the factory setting but no result..nd the logo was first Samsung nd now showing wisdom-share..kindly save me from market butchers..i shall be thankful to u if some guidelines u should provide.. Thanx nd great salute to ur efforts.. JazakAllah

    • w.salam dear. just install a smart youtube apk file in your tv or use aptoid app. watch video tutorials for better understanding

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