RT809F & RT809H Programmer Software Free Download

 RT809F Serial ISP Programmer:

Rt809F is an excellent high-speed programming tool that programs (read&write) all equipment like LCD/LED TVs, laptops, PC motherboards, DVDs, Routers, DVRs, Home appliances, and other many electronic types of equipment. Its VGA ISP is specially designed for programming LCD/LED monitors and TVs without opening it with the help of a VGA cable and can also save a backup of programs. HDMI port support for bigger LED/LCD TVs to Program and backup the software.




  • Read and Write commonly used 8 pins and 16 pins EEPROM chips
  • Can read and write SPD memory DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 chips
  • Especially support 34C02 chips and many other special part numbers
  • Support all series of 24, 25, 26, and 93 SPI Flash Memory Chips
  • Support Online and Offline reading and write
  • High-speed USB port, USB driver, the reading and writing speed can be 25 MB/S
  • Can read and write NAND/NOR chips

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RT809F Software update 16-01-2024 Download Here:



RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 16-01-2024 Download Here:



  • RT809F Software update 30-08-2022
  • RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 19-09-2022
  • RT809F Software update 10-05-2022
  • RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 21-05-2022
  • RT809F Software update 01-03-2022
  • RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 08-03-2022
  • RT809F Software update 12-10-2021
  • RT809H Software update 12-10-2021
  • RT809H Software update 12-08-2021
  • RT809H Software update 01-07-2021
  • 809F Software update 10-04-2021
  • RT809H Software update 20-04-2021
  • 809F Software update 22-02-2021
  • RT809H Software update 22-02-2021
  • RT809H Software update 01-01-2021
  • 809F Software update 16-12-2020
  • RT809H-20201229-Patch
  • RT809H Software update 16-12-2020
  • RT809H-20201111-Patch
  • 809F Software update 06-11-2020
  • RT809H Software update 06-11-2020
  • RT809H-20201023-Patch
  • RT809H Software update 30-09-2020
  • 809F Software update 26-09-2020
  • RT809H Software update 10-09-2020
  • 809F Software update 01-08-2020
  • RT809H Software update 01-08-2020
  • RT809H Software update 28-06-2020
  • 809F Software update 21-06-2020
  • RT809H-20200603-Patch
  • 809F Software update 05-04-2020
  • RT809H Software update 05-04-2020
  • RT809H Software update 27-12-2019
  • 809F-20200111-Patch
  • 809F Software update 16-12-2019
  • RT809H Software update 17-12-2019
  • 809F Software update 01-07-2019
  • 809F-20191115-Patch

Download RT809 Toolchain and other software versions:

2RT809F Programmer InstructionDownload
3RT809H programmer instructionDownload
7RT809F Software update 01-07-2019Download
8RT809H Software update 17-12-2019Download
9RT809F Software update 16-12-2019Download
11RT809H Software update 27-12-2019Download
12RT809H Software update 05-04-2020Download
13RT809F Software update 05-04-2020Download
15RT809F Software update 21-06-2020Download
16RT809H Software update 28-06-2020Download
17RT809H Software update 01-08-2020Download
18RT809F Software update 01-08-2020Download
19RT809H Software update 10-09-2020Download
20RT809H Software update 10-09-2020Download
21RT809F Software update 26-09-2020Download
22RT809H Software update 30-09-2020Download
24RT809H Software update 06-11-2020Download
25RT809F Software update 06-11-2020Download
27RT809H Software update 16-12-2020Download
29RT809F Software update 16-12-2020Download
30RT809H Software update 01-01-2021Download
31RT809H Software update 22-02-2021Download
32809F Software update 22-02-2021Download
33RT809H Software update 20-04-2021Download
34809F Software update 10-04-2021Download
35RT809H Software update 01-07-2021Download
36RT809H Software update 12-08-2021Download
37RT809H Software update 12-10-2021Download
38RT809F Software update 12-10-2021Download
39RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 08-03-2022Download
40RT809F Software update 01-03-2022Download
41RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 21-05-2022Download
42RT809F Software update 10-05-2022Download
43RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 19-09-2022Download
44RT809F Software update 30-08-2022Download
45RT809F Software update 12-12-2022Download
46RT809H_RT809HSE Software update 12-12-2022Download

For video tutorials, visit “Kazmi Elecom” my YouTube channel.


  1. Avatar Of Shahid Ali

    bro mere pas ye same programer he is man GX6605_5815_V4.1 ic flash nahi ho rhi he

    check snap shot

    • Avatar Of Abdul Raziq Shad
      Abdul Raziq Shad

      اس رسیور میں غور سے دیکھیے یا میگنیفائر سے دیکھیے آئی سی پر نمبر
      لگا ہوگا اس نمبر کو سلیکٹ کیجئے شاید ہو جائے بلکہ ہو جانا چاہیے

    • Avatar Of Suresh Kumar

      Sir ch341a ke liye socket addapter ka size kaun sa hona chahiye maine magaya tha par chhota hai bade size ka eprom nahi lagta hai

      • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

        200-208 mils

        • Avatar Of

          Sar meray raciver red bulb se agay on nhi hota dump file kardo to on hojai ga k nhi usb k zaryai bord nambar mm3_su1506g_dsz_v1.1 is ka dump file bhi nhi milra plz help mi

          • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

            agar wrong software ki waja se ded hua hy ya phir board k all voltage ok hen to dump file kar den theek ho jye ga

    • Avatar Of

      Independent box me flase ic oon si aati h

    • Avatar Of Roshan Kumar

      pls provide sw of rt809f i will thankfull to you for this

  2. Avatar Of Murtaza

    Kazmi bhai RT809F programmer yeh kitni ka hai

  3. Avatar Of Mukeshkumar

    i riquaire rt809f programmer softwere

  4. Avatar Of Maqsood Ahmed
    Maqsood Ahmed

    china receiver ko flash karne k liye konsa ic programmer best hai frnd plz reply

  5. Avatar Of Waseem Khan

    Assalam o alaikum Kazmi bhai

  6. Avatar Of Kaale Khan

    ali express se le lo 3400 ka he

  7. Avatar Of Aslam

    Sir star truk combo2 main 1506g wala software ho jye ga programr sy

  8. Avatar Of Atif

    BHAI BAQI SAB TO THEEKHY MAGAR kisi b programer ka btany se pehly iski database zroor check krwaya kren k kitny ics ko support krta hy
    CH341A ki database mien hikvision DS-7204HGHI-SH ka firmware ic winbond w25q128fvsg ni hy

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      yeh mostly 8mb tak support karta hy

    • Avatar Of Vikas

      Yes Bhai muje bhi same problem aa rahi hai w25Q128FVSG. CHIP PAR SOFTWARE WRITE NAHI HO RAHA ERROR AATA HAI
      PART NO

  9. Avatar Of Atif


  10. Avatar Of Vijay Kumar Maurya
    Vijay Kumar maurya

    You are good boys

  11. Avatar Of Tanveer Shah

    Rt809f can program 40 pin microcontroller ic chips.

  12. Avatar Of Sharif

    sir amir mi.lad.tv sofwter lagba sir

  13. Avatar Of

    Sir ky haal ha sir g muje 32″led genx ka softwear mil jahye ga Bird number ha t. Ms18vg. 72b 12023 tnx plz upload kardein

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      Dear Board ki picture aur TV ka model sticker email karen ya Kazmi Elecom Forum page pe post kar den

  14. Avatar Of Kekestv

    No write no erase New:MX25L12835F Rt809f- RT809H Programmer.
    How to programmer SPI Flash.

  15. Avatar Of Kekestv

    I dont konw chinese.

  16. Avatar Of Kekestv

    I bought Ch341A programmer.How to buy unprotect script.

  17. Avatar Of Waseem

    Need rt809h and rt809f In Ic 8 pin sirieal eeprom .Different names Ic. ATMLH 714 56B. And ATMEL 552. (93c56) .need softwear.

  18. Avatar Of Dawood

    Asalaam aleykum can I instal rt809f on windows 10? Kaam karega

  19. Avatar Of Dibash Koirala

    sir sharp led tv ke modal Lc32Le185m bin fail pulodekare

  20. Avatar Of Dibash Koirala

    sir branded company ke bin fail Samsung Lg sony Panasonic flash lode kariye please

  21. Avatar Of Milkesa

    i want to buy rt809f programer any bady now how i need help

  22. Avatar Of Damilare

    kazmielecom, thank you for your reply. but when i click on download it do direct me to JP4EVER UPLOAD FILES, LOGIN AND SIGNUP i dont know what to do from there

  23. Avatar Of Damilare

    thank you for the response but i still dont get how to download it

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      very easy, just stay on the main page instead of pop-up pages. you can watch a video on the homepage of the website how to download process to get an idea

  24. Avatar Of Damilare

    download successful sir. but it is not identifying my chip and its also requesting for chip printing.. please help me out sir.. maybe you can direct me through watsap video call +2347015801400.. it is really giving me tough time.. thank you sir

  25. Avatar Of Riyaz Deshmukh
    Riyaz Deshmukh


    Azhar Kazmi sir,
    RT809F_Database File ko kaise instal kre.
    Agr koi video banaya hoto line dede .

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      new version install kar len. video bhe share ki hui hy kazmi elecom channel pe ja k rt809 search kar len

  26. Avatar Of Maher

    thank you for this software

  27. Avatar Of Asif


  28. Avatar Of Asif


  29. Avatar Of Souhad

    Dear sir,

    I have an RT809f, it stopped working vi vga spi and the led are not working, I’ve checked everything on the board and nothing is damaged. It still work as isp but not with vga. Can you help me by giving a firmware so I will try to reflash it so maybe it will work??

    Or if if you have a solution to this problem it will be much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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