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LCD/LED Tools Collection Free Download

Collection of LCD/LED TV Tools


Here are below the collection of multiple Tools related to LCD/LED TVs for free download. These tools will help to explore or unzip the bin files, Logo maker and changer, smart android unpack tools, Recovery Tools, Backup Tools, SPI Tools and many more. So, Download free and enjoy.


These tools are for technician support and learning/educational purpose only. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible in case of any damage or loss.

How to Download:

Download all given parts and then extract anyone of them, you will get the folder. Now you can use the tools of your own choice. for More Detail about the download, process watch the video Click Here

All LCD LED TOOLS Download Here:




  1. Sanjay Kumar Jha

    Firmware reuired of TP.V56.PB832 for all available resolution

  2. hello sir

    i have this tv : muller GS-55FLED and the board is CV59SH-ASM

    the tv show logo on startup and do not continue .i think it needs a firmware update.

    i DL your soft CV59SH-ASM rar file and open it .i see a file CV59SH-ASM.BIN

    i understand that this is the firmware? but i do not know if im right and i do not know how to load it to the tv

    can you help pleas

    thank you

    • better to read and write small EEPROM with programmer

      • thank you for the reply

        Do you think that the EPROM soft is the problem ????

        someone told me that he think that the problem is the smart module on the board.

        what do you think about it???


        • by the way ..i try to upload your firmware to the tv with a formated USB flash , and when i do the steps you mention here the tv do not access the USB at all .nothing happened after startup just the logo comes on and disappear after few seconds the tv remains on but no image.

        • I think only software issue nothing else

      • Hlo sir
        Sir ji ya tool sand ker do

        Please halp sir

  3. Hello bow are y ou.i tant T.HD.3663.031A firmware

  4. Hi, My TV is having CV338H_A50 board and am facing issue with the fonts, they are getting distorted and hazy. While video and images have no issues… Please help.

  5. tools download nahi ho raha hai error show karta hai always

  6. AOA sir
    I need software for orient LED 55″ 4K led…board numbr “MSA6380-ZC01-01” iski 3 usb ports hain or HDMI ports.
    1GB ram and 8 GB rom hy.. agr iska apna software na milay to ease koi alternate suggest kr dain

  7. hello sir, i am looking Firmware HK.T.SP9202P63 for 40 inch .thanks……

  8. Hello, please, do you know how to change panel parameters using and change files into carpets? Thanks a lot

  9. Sir T59B.V5.1-8


  11. Respected Sir

    i have Orient 55 M8010 4k uhd android tv 1gb ram 8g space need to software update i called many times to company but still waiting for reply please help my tv stuck at android i will be thank full if needful will done sir

    • if in warranty then contact with a support center

      first, try to hard reset or reset to recovery mode and clear cache and do a factory reset

  12. Assalam Alaykum Sir,

    How to change the resolution from bin file 1366×768 to 1920×1080?

  13. Sir, Any new tools for smart android board, please upload.

  14. Alexis Flores Chunga

    Necesito firmware de mainboard 35019185 panel 72000379ytk, Solution m6369 con idioma español , sistema de deTV ntsc

  15. LG lcd tv 24LN4145-TE firmware link please

  16. Hello sir please make a video by using MStar Bin TOOL GUI

  17. Aslam-o-Alakm sir secure CRT software ke sath serial print connect kasy kay ge

  18. how the pkg files are extracted

  19. Hi . can extract and change config file ( for example change panel setting ) in simple model tv or note smart ?

    for example how extraxt this file ?

    • if you know about hexadecimal or you use hex workshop then you can modify but you should take ideas from youtube tutorials. or simply use logo change tools

  20. I have panasonic TH 28C400DX LED TV .
    Unable to find firmware for it , can you help.
    Also how to make bootable pen drive with firmware(bin) file


  22. hi sir ,i will try to change remote control with another one ,is posible do it at firmware bin ,the unit is led tv Panasonic model th-32a402g ,remote control is uniq diferent with Panasonic other
    i will try do it your software

  23. Hi kazmielecom

    My Hisense android tv suddenly showing blank screen after logo.

    Board is TP.MS6683T.PB753 and I got the firmware from your site, thanks for it.

    Now how to flash the firmware via usb, I’m not able to find any video link or steps.

    Thanks..kindly share the steps or link to flashing via usb steps.

  24. asslam o alikum!
    Dear team, you are doing such a nice work. there is a question regarding my led which is konka brand model of the tv is 49ME720ANT . I want to go in the recovery mode. through software or through buttons please guide me what to do and how to do? thanks in advance

  25. showkat hussain

    dear kazim
    I am from Jammu and Kashmir
    I tried to upgrade firmware of my android tv
    but image of tv is fliped down
    can u give me your whatsapp no so that i can explain you to fix this issue.

    my whatsapp no is +919796700750

  26. Ravinder Singh

    Required boot file for TP.HV553.PC821

  27. Hello Sir,

    Board: cv838h-b
    tv: 55″, 4K, SmartTV, with google Voice assitance
    brand: westinghouse
    country : canada
    problem: stuck on android logo

    Help: need firmware for flashing.

  28. How to change config file for 4mb bin 25q32??, I need to replace infrared sector, whats the block of hex ,from to that’s in charge of that, I replace a motherboard and it have different remote configuration

  29. T.HD.3663.031E I need that software for all sizes

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