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CV358H-T42 Firmware Free Download

CV358H-T42 Firmware

CV358H-T42 is an android network driver smart led tv board with an FHD resolution of 1920×1080. CV358H_T42 has a powerful wifi system. Smart FHD TV With Android Platform and great features to entertain Full HD Wide Screen with better to work SMART. CV358H T42 Smart Board has multiple ports of A/V, USB interface Ports, and many HDMI ports as well in addition to the VGA interface for computers. CV358H.T42 has a LAN/RJ45 Connector interface port also for the wired internet network.

CV358H-T42 is a Combo Network Triple play board that has the Digital TV tuner built-in in it. The Graphics and Sound quality of the CV358H_T42 android board are very good and the Response rate is very efficient. CV358H.T42 china smart network board can support up to 46″ LED Panels. CV358H T42 firmware is available for technician’s support.


General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: Main Board (Android WIFI Network Drive Smart Board)

Main Board: CV358H-T42

RAM: 1Gb

ROM: 4Gb

Back Light V/C : 54v-61v 350mA

Resolution: up to 1920×1080

Firmware: CtvUpgrade.bin

Firmware Type: USB Updateable Firmware

Note: The following given Software/firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the firmware. If you are new and do not have enough knowledge of loading or installing software/firmware or dump files then read here first.

How to Download:

Download all parts of the following given Software/firmware and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about download process watch the video Click Here

How to Load Software:

  1. Transfer the required resolution file into USB Disk
  2. Plugin the USB Disk into Main Board
  3. Keep Pressing the Standby/Power button and Power on the board
  4. Wait until the red light starts flashing
  5. Note: USB file must be the name of “CtvUpgrade.bin”

Here is below CV358H-T42 firmware file for free download:


1CV358H-T42_1366x768_Revolution Galaxy.part1Download
CV358H-T42_1366x768_Revolution Galaxy.part2Download
CV358H-T42_1366x768_Revolution Galaxy.part3Download
CV358H-T42_1366x768_Revolution Galaxy.part4Download
CV358H-T42_1366x768_Revolution Galaxy.part5Download
2CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Revolution Galaxy.part1Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Revolution Galaxy.part2Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Revolution Galaxy.part3Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Revolution Galaxy.part4Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Revolution Galaxy.part5Download
3CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Panel V400HJ6-PE1.part1Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Panel V400HJ6-PE1.part2Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Panel V400HJ6-PE1.part3Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Panel V400HJ6-PE1.part4Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Panel V400HJ6-PE1.part5Download
7CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Galatec TVS-S4306MC.part1Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Galatec TVS-S4306MC.part2Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Galatec TVS-S4306MC.part3Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Galatec TVS-S4306MC.part4Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Galatec TVS-S4306MC.part5Download
8CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part01Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part02Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part03Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part04Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part05Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part06Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part07Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part08Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part09Download
CV358H-T42_1920x1080_Tiger Star TV43.part10Download

Firmware File:

CV358H_T42_1366x768_Revolution Galaxy\MINGCAIbuild_INTERNATION_CV358H-T42-2A9_DVB_FHD_1G_DDR_CTVIntern_LC320DXY-SLA9_MC_MINGCAI_C1901-.rar

CV358H_T42_1920x1080_Revolution Galaxy\build_INTERNATION_CV358H-T42-2A9_DVB_FHD_1G_DDR_CTVIntern_T320XVN02_G_MINGCAI_HT42_C1811_010.rar

CV358H_T42_1920x1080_Panel V400HJ6-PE1\CtvUpgrade CV358H-T42 FHD_V400HJ6-PE1.rar



  1. Hello ! The direct link 1 of part 3 CV358H-T42 is not working for me ! And the direct link 2 have part 4 🙁
    please solve it !

  2. bro i need first file’s third part because that link expired and web 3&4 link contains only fourth part

  3. thanks bro

  4. part04 same oart05 file

  5. Hello ! I don’t saw the message and i decided to download the 1980×1080 resolution and the TV wont start ! What can i do ? Please give me a response..

  6. I have some like this : LSC320AN10-H , TFT218581-2-32” ,CV358HT42,G320ND4N1001

  7. hello all ! 2 days ago, my NEI 32NE4505 WITH CV358H-T42 WONT WORK! I decided to update software/firmware ! All fine …I download all on USB Drive and put on the motherboard TV.It work at finally ,but at 90% he said : ERROR UPDATE and he stop working .I restart the TV but nothing ! The sensor is not working at all and the display is not starting ! The buttons of the tv is not working and the remote nothing make ! What can i do ! Thank you all ! Love you !


  9. Hello, position 3, link 1 don’t work, link 2, give me lot of links of advertise, please help

    • links are working fine. watch the video on the homepage of this website how to download process

  10. I have a SCHNEIDER LED32-SC450K with was stacked on boot logo. After installing 1366×768 TV starts but with inverted image and without working remote control. Any ideas????

    • first use universal remote then goto service menu and invert the image

      • If you put a firmware and the remote control not work you need to connect with adb . After that you have to find the irfconfig file and modify it. you need to know linux a little bit.

  11. Hello
    I need firmware CV358L-T24 Android TV 8.


  12. hi dear i need firmware cv358h-t42 for star track model st-43cnj1200-smart thank you

  13. How to roor CV358H-T42 android 8.0?

  14. *how to root …..

  15. cv358-t42 bu cihaz netflix için optimize edilmedi hatası var . Nasıl çözeceğim. Ve kanal listesini bilgisayardan nasıl düzenleyebilirim ?

  16. cv358h-t42 how to root ??

  17. I try first file cv358-t42 1366×768 which brand remute work?i try samsung philips blaupunkt some code for Neo vestel but not work.

  18. after installing remote wont work what can i do please help me i need remote to rotate screen and lvds settings

  19. Hello I have install anotehr firmware and nothing show to my screen . How to fix that ?

  20. hello
    v400hj6-pe1 part 5 is not working
    When i try to extract it shows error on part 5
    thank uou in advance

  21. st3151a05-8 I am looking for software for this panel

  22. Hello admin am looking for firmware for CV358H-T50 1920X1080 I have tried several sites without success ,can this CV358H-T42 work on T50? please help

  23. How to change the remote CV358H-T42 ?

  24. I have problems with the channels. The channels do not tune me well, as I change the zone so that the channels in America work, the pal or ntsc system does not make any changes, please help me and I had this problem in other chassis because I live in Central America and change the frequency bands of the channels

  25. Hi. I installed CV358H-T42 1920×1080 on my Vinki TV with the same resolution. The installation was successful but the TV remained in st-by the buttons no longer work or the remote control. Please help me


    salve ho una tv con questa scheda cv358h-t42 mi servirebbe far partire la tv quando viene alimentata a 220V mi potete dare una mano .grazie

  27. bon site pour nous merci a kazmi

  28. merci pour ce firmware

  29. je veux les 5 partie

  30. le site me vas bien

  31. İsfendiyar GÜRÇAY

    Slm.Kolay gelsin adım İsfendiyar GÜRÇAY CV358H-T42 boot yazılımı lazım

    board etiketi :

    S/N:9CW01391912ZA0091 59-72V/600MA(45W)

    İlginize şimdiden teşekkür ederim

  32. thanks ıt work for me

  33. In the folder of software are two ofher files , one of them mboot , what it is used for

  34. CV358-T42 Blaupunkt tv software need plz

  35. CV358-K32 firmware

  36. CV358h-42t need for blaupunkt

  37. voy a inentar a ver como me va

  38. Hello I want a CV358H-T42 4k mainboard flash file for this model Unfortunately the available resolutions are fullhd and the image is small and unsuitable

  39. hi dear my names sakkaf from srilanka i know you language very will and supported me your wep site
    i need help i have westinghouse smart led tv its turn on logo coming and going standby mode
    so what problem theirs have compo board cv358h-t42
    kindly replay me thanks

    • software problem and in some cases hardware issues maybe. first, try to hard reset otherwise load firmware

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