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Board Voltage Chart

Main Board Voltage Chart

Board Voltage Chart. Troubleshooting of electronic boards is not so difficult if you know the core voltage and test points or it is possible to repair boards by tracking or tracing methods, testing components, and replacing faulty components. And if someone has the whole schematic or circuit diagrams then it is very easy to trace the tracks and components with their values. But if the troubleshooting guide material is not available and you have to troubleshoot any board then is a little bit tough to check and repair.

In this post, we have shared some Board Voltage Chart, boards test points or voltage measurement LCD, LED, and other electronic PCBs to help beginners and learners so that they can troubleshoot the hardware fault easily and save their time because time is money. If any technician has basic knowledge for repairing then he can easily troubleshoot and repair with the help of shared voltage charts.

Board Voltage Chart

Here are below the collection of LCD-LED Boards Voltage Charts, Pinout Details, or Voltage Test points that are collected from the expert technicians. Special thanks to all Masters who make it easy for beginners to troubleshoot the boards. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss in case of practical. Please check the schematic diagrams, confirm, and then take guidance from the following test point charts at your own risk. Here are below some Board Voltage Chart:

NOTE: If your desired board is not available in the list then comment below the complete board number or model details.


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    Full HD
    Led model number-rebel4303.
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  4. I need tp.56pb.842 voltage chart

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