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HK.T.RT2842P639 Firmware Free Download

HK.T.RT2842P639 Smart LED TV Board

HK.T.RT2842P639 is a smart android Intelligent Network LCD/LED TV Board. It is suitable for the LVDS interface and supports more than 32-43 inches LED panels, maximum resolution up to 1920×1080. HK_T_RT2842P639 is a three-in-one (combo) board i.e power card, backlight driver module, and ATV board is builtin in it. HK-T-RT2842P639 has multiple input interface ports like USB, HDMI, AV, Scart port, and LAN port for wired internet connectivity. It also builtin a Wireless interface. HK T RT2842P639 came with some brand LED TVs like Eurostar, JPE, Europe/London, etc. Its USB interface can be used for loading software as well as for playing multimedia files. HK.T.RT2842P639 support for analog TV signals, digital TV (DTT T2). HK.T.RT2842P639 firmware file is given below for the technician’s support.


General Specifications:

Model: HK.T.RT2842P639

Main Chipset: RTK2851

Resolution Supported: 1920×1080

CPU: ARM Cortex-A55*4

GPU: Mali 470*3

OS: Android 9.0

Ram: 1G

Rom: 8G

Audio Output Power: 2X8 W (8Ω)

Tuner: DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2


Backlight Power:

Service Code:

Firmware File: 1017_2842P639_8G_JPE_Morocco_TWBZ0120020005_PT320AT03_1_HD_T2S2_20200330_193639

Firmware Type: EMMC Backup

Note: The following given HK.T.RT2842P639 software/firmware is a backup of EMMC Flash. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of loading/installing the firmware.

How to Download HK.T.RT2842P639 Firmware Files:

Download all parts of the following given HK.T.RT2842P639 firmware/software and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about download process watch the video Click Here

Here is below HK.T.RT2842P639 Firmware file for Free Download:


1HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part01Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part02Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part03Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part04Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part05Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part06Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part07Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part08Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part09Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part10Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part11Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part12Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part13Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part14Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part15Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part16Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part17Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part18Download
HK.T.RT2842P639_1366x768_8G_EUROVIEW EURO32SMV_EMMC.part19Download

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  1. Have you files rt2842p639 for rt809H (.boot1, .boot2, etc)??

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