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TP.S512.PA63 Firmware Free Download

TP.S512.PA63 LED TV Driver Board


General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: China Universal

Model: TP.S512.PA63

Resolution: 1920×1080

Backlight: 300mA 40w

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Sound Output: 8 W

USB: 1


Composite Video Input: 1

Component Video Input: 1

Headphone Out: 1

PC Audio connector: 1

RF In: 1

DTV: Yes

Supports Hard Disk: Up to 1 TB

Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 60 Watts

Power Consumption:  0.5 Watts Standby mode

Note: The following is given TP.S512.PA63 firmware is USB upgradeable and dumps backup files. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the firmware.

How to Download TP.S512.PA63 Firmware files:

Download the following given firmware and then extract you will get the folder. Now load the file by the programmer. For More Detail about the download, process watch the video Click Here

Here are below some TP.S512.PA63 firmware files free download:


3TP.S512.PA63_AKAI LEA24P60P_Backup_DumpDownload
4TP.S512.PA63_Digiclass 24K5580_Backup_DumpDownload
5TP.S512.PA63_Echolink LED24E5000_Backup_DumpDownload
6TP.S512.PA63_GoldRay 24LED002_Backup_DumpDownload
7TP.S512.PA63_NIBBAN LED2408DT_Backup_DumpDownload
8TP.S512.PA63_RUBIN RB-24SE7T_Backup_DumpDownload
9TP.S512.PA63_SHIVAKI STV-24LED15_Backup_DumpDownload
10TP.S512.PA63_SHIVAKI STV-24LED16_Backup_DumpDownload
11TP.S512.PA63_SHIVAKI STV-24LEDG9_Backup_DumpDownload
12TP.S512.PA63_SUPRA STV-LC22T800FL_Backup_DumpDownload
13TP.S512.PA63_Tyanma 24E68TS_Backup_DumpDownload
14TP.S512.PA63_Tyanma LED-24E88TS_Backup_DumpDownload
15TP.S512.PA63_Uniontech LED24DN6_Backup_DumpDownload
16TP.S512.PA63_VISION VS-22LE406_Backup_DumpDownload
17TP.S512.PA63_VISION VS-24LE406_Backup_DumpDownload
18TP.S512.PA63_DEXP H24B3000EE_Backup_DumpDownload
19TP.S512.PA63_ERISSON 22LES71T2_Backup_DumpDownload

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