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TCL V8-MS80101-LF1Vxxx Firmware Free Download

TCL V8-MS80101 (MS801) Firmware

Main Board: MS801

40-1MS801-MAF2HG, 40-6MS801-MAB2HG

Software Version: V8-MS80101-LF2V006

Board Type: Android, Smart, 3D

Display Format: 1080P (FHD)


Technical Specifications:

Resolution Supported: 1920×1080

CPU: Dual Core




Operation System: Android 4.0+

Audio Output: 16W

Tuner: ATV/DTV

AC Main Input: 220V

Power Consumption: 130W

Firmware Name: MstarUpgrade.bin

Firmware Type: USB Boot

Product User: TCL, AIWI, JetSki

These firmware files are suitable for TCL Smart 3D LED TVs:

TCL L40V8200-3D
TCL V7500A-3D
TCL L32E5500-3D
TCL L42E5500-3D
TCL L46E5500-3D
TCL L48F3500A-3D
TCL L55E5500-3D
TCL L55F3500A-3D
TCL L55F3390A-3D
TCL L65F5500A-3D

Note: Following given TCL Smart 3D 40-1MS801-MAF2HG firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of loading/installing the firmware. You should first check the mainboard number then hardware id then software version then you can load it.

How to Download TCL 40-1MS801-MAF2HG Firmware Files:

Download your required resolution and then extract it you will get the folder. Now copy the bin file to USB. for More Detail about the download process watch the video Click Here

Here is below TCL 40-1MS801-MAF2HG Firmware file for free download;




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