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LD.M3553.B Firmware Free Download


LD.M3553.B is a universal led tv driver board that is suitable for 32-inch to 39-inch panels and others. LD_M3553_B has all the connectivity interface ports as per user’s current requirements like VGA port for computer connectivity, AV, RF, USB, HDMI, Headphone Jack, and RJ45 Ethernet port for internet connectivity. LD-M3553-B firmware files are given below for the technician support.



General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: China Universal

Model: LD.M3553.B

Main Chipset:

Product: LED TV


Panel Voltage: 12v

Board Power Input: 220v AC

Resolution: Up to 1920×1080

Screen Supported: 32 to 40 inch

Service Code:

Firmware Type: USB Update

Firmware Name: LDM3553.bin

Product: Vios, Cobia LED TV

Note: Following given firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the firmware.

How to Download:

Download all parts of the following given firmware and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about the download process watch the video Click Here

Here is below LD.M3553.B Firmware for free download:


1LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3217SM.part1Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3217SM.part2Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3217SM.part3Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3217SM.part4Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3217SM.part5Download
2LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3917SM.part1Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3917SM.part2Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3917SM.part3Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3917SM.part4Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_Cobia CLEDTV3917SM.part5Download
3LD.M3553.B_1366x768_VIOS TV3216SM.part1Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_VIOS TV3216SM.part2Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_VIOS TV3216SM.part3Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_VIOS TV3216SM.part4Download
LD.M3553.B_1366x768_VIOS TV3216SM.part5Download

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