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Mitashi MiDE055v20 Software Free Download

Mitashi MiDE055v20 4k Smart Curved Led TV

Mitashi LED TV Brand is an established and very popular brand in the current Indian market. Mitashi MiDE055v20 4K 55″ UHD Smart LED TV has a screen size of 138.68 cm (54.5) supported by panel resolution of 3840×2160 Ultra HD. It supports an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has Android-Powered Operating System, Auto/ Manual channel tuning. It has multiple connectivity interfaces for user requirement as HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, Headphone Jack, Ethernet connectivity, Supports Android apps from Google Play Store, Web Browser, Wifi connectivity, Air Mouse, Agile Remote App, and many more features. Mitashi MiDE055v20 firmware file is given below for the Technician’s support.


Technical Specifications:

Brand Name: Mitashi

Model: MiDE055v20

Screen Size: 54.5 Inches

Resolution: 3840×2160 UHD

RAM:  1 Gb

ROM: 8 Gb

CPU: CA53 1.35 GHz Dual Core

GPU: Mali T720 MP2

Operating System: Android 4.4

Wifi Connectivity: Yes

Ethernet Connectivity: Yes

Audio Output: 20 Watt (10W*2)

Power Supply: 50-60Hz, AC 100-240V, 135W

Firmware Type: USB Upgrade

Firmware Name: CtvUpgrade.bin

Main Board: CV638H-D50


Here is below Mitashi LED TV MiDE055v20 UHD firmware for free download:



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  1. Hi, My Mitashi MiDE050v02FS stuck at logo and not booting further. I saw your video on chanhong ruba brand but please suggest which software or bin files I have to use for Mitashi and whether the download is available

    • dear i do not have matching firmware for this model.

      you can try to hard reset or recovery option

      • Thanks for your quick response Sir, could you please suggest how to do hard reset or go to recovery option. Kindly share the link of your tutorial on these topics relevant to my Mitashi TV MiDE050v02FS

      • Hi Sir, Missed to mention earlier, I tried below options mentioned on your website to reset my tv but it did not

        1. Holding Home and Menu key in remote
        2. Holding ch- and ch+ key on panel
        3. Holding vol- and vol+ key on panel
        4. Holding power and vol+
        5 Holding power and vol-

        I could not perform last option as my remote is not having “restore” button as suggested in the option

        But it seems my TV has some other combination..pls suggest.

        Also I wanted to have your advise whether we can use firmware of Mitashi MiDE043v20 FHD for my MiDE050v02 FS. Asking as CPU, GPU, resolution, audio power, etc seems common between them.

        Your advise will give confidence and any risk in using it

        Thanks in advance


        • all process will be done from TV Keypda not remote control

          • Hi, Except option 1, I tried all other options using TV keypad only but none of them worked.

            My TV doesn’t have Home button so I used remote. But today I tried Home and Source [this button is available on my TV’s keypad] but that also didn’t work.

            Pls suggest if we can use firmware of 43″ TV for this 50″ TV as mentioned earlier…or any other options. Kindly arrange if possible for you to get firmware for this model.


          • Hi, I performed options 2 to 5 from TV keypad while Home was not there on TV keypad I used Menu+Source from TV keypad but no luck…pls suggest

          • load software

          • Hi Sir, Unfortunately I couldn’t get software for this model, could you please make it available or suggest if any other software on your site can be used as an alternative for this model.

            The model name is MiDE050v02 FS. While the service model is MiDE050v02 NMB [as shown on back side of TV]


          • Not available


  3. How to download matar file

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