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RR83.03D Universal Board Software Free Download

RR83.03D Universal Driver Board

RR83.03D is an analog LCD/LED is a multi-purpose and energy-efficient driver Controller Board which is suitable with most type of panels but not all. This board is designed for especially the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. RR83 03D can support the Russian language also. RR83-03D support high screen 1920×1080, 7-55 inch LVDS screens. Not only USB interface can be used to play Video / music / photo , Basically, formats are supported but do not support AC3 Audio, you can also display a boot photo or LOGO as well and can upgrade/install software by it.





General Specifications:

Model: RR83.03D

Main Chipset: RDA8503C

OSD Language: Russian , English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Burmese

Panel Size: 7-55 inch LVDS screen

Max Resolution: 1920*1080

Input Interface: PC / HDMI / TV / USB multimedia playing

Panel Power Voltage: 3.3V,5V,12V

Interface: Single/Dual LVDS(6/8bit)

Max Audio Output Power: 2x3W(4Ω)

EARPHONE: 2*10mW(32ohm)(max)

FR input: ATV Receiving

Video System: PAL, SECAM, NTSC

Power Input: DC 12V 3-5A, 4A is the best

Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W(board only)

Note: Following given firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss in result with loading/installing the firmware.

How to Download:

Download all parts and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. For More Detail about the download process, watch the video Click Here


Here are below RR83.03D Firmware for Free Download:


1RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part01Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part02Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part03Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part04Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part05Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part06Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part07Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part08Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part09Download
RR83.03D_RR8503_All Resolution.part10Download

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