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T.MS608.61 Software Free Download

T.MS608.61 LCD/LED TV Smart Board

T.MS608.61 is a universal smart wifi LCD/LED TV motherboard. T_MS608_61 is compatible with multi-screen panels. T-MS608-61 can support Full HD resolution up to 1920×1080 Panel screens.T MS608 61 has all input interface ports for user connectivity like Audio Video interface, HDMI input interface, VGA Connector for PC input with Sound jack, USB interface for upgrading/loading program data and for multimedia playback function, RJ45 Ethernet port for wired internet connectivity and headphone jack. T.MS608.61 is not a combo board so, external backlight inverter driver module and power input module is required.


Brand/Mark: LCD/LED Main Board (Android WIFI Network Drive Board)

Main Board: T.MS608.61

OS: Android 4.4

CPU: Dual Core

Back Light: External Inverter board is required

Ram: 512 Mb DDR

Rom: 2 Gb eMMC

Resolution: up to 1920×1080

Main Voltage: 12V DC

Service Code:

Source 2580

How to Load Software:

  1. Transfer the required resolution file into USB Disk
  2. Plugin the USB Disk into Main Board
  3. Wait for a while to Auto Boot if not then Keep Pressing the Standby/Power button and Power on the board
  4. Wait until the led light starts flashing
  5. Note: USB file must be the name of “MstarUpgrade.bin” and ”mboot.bin”

How to Download:

Download all parts of your required resolution and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about download process watch video Click Here

Here are below some T.MS608.61 firmware for free download:




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