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TP.MS608.PB831 Software Free Download

TP.MS608.PB831 Smart LED TV Board

TP.MS608.PB831 is designed for a Network function Analog and Digital TV Control Board which is suitable for Asian Markets and the Middle East as well. TP_MS608_PB831 supports the screen size of 32″ to 42″. This is three in one motherboard integration of the main power module and LED Backlight Driver/Inverter module and TV Module in a single piece of a motherboard. TP-MS608-PB831 is best with its interfaces like Dual AV/Component, Dual HDMI input, Dual USB interface slot can be used for the Software upgrade and multimedia playback, PC Input with audio and Headphone jack and Rj45 network interface supports 10/100M auto-identification and DHCP. TP MS608 PB831 supports ATV and DTV with the standard as DTMB supports.


General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: China Universal Smart WIFI Network Drive Board

Main Board: TP.MS608.PB831

Main Chipset: MSD6A608HTAB-Z1, ATBM8880(DTMB)

Tuner Chip: R840

Panel Volt: 12v

Audio Output Power: 2x8w(8Ohm)

OS: Android 4.0

CPU: Dual Core

Size: 18.5 * 21 cm

Ram: 512 Mb DDR

Rom: 2 Gb eMMC

Resolution: up to 1920×1080

Screen Size Supported: 26″ to 47″

Power AC Input: 100~240V/75W

Service Code: 1147

Note: TP.MS608.PB831TP.MS608.PB831 with backlight power under 45W, and backlight voltage between 30 V-160V.

How to Download:

Download all parts of your required resolution and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. for More Detail about download process watch video Click Here

How to Update:

  1. Put the mboot.bin + MstarUpgrade.bin files into USB Disk
  2. Plugin the USB Disk into USB Interface Port of Main TV Card
  3. Press Volume+ button When power on the TV
  4. Wait for the LED light Flashing
  5. If the LED light starts flashing, it means TV is entered in Upgrade Mode and Upgrade screen will appear
  6. Within in 2 minutes, the process will be done and tv will go to standby mode.

Here are below some TP.MS608.PB831 firmware for free download:


1TP.MS608.PB831_Samsung 40-Inch_USB_Tested.part1Download
TP.MS608.PB831_Samsung 40-Inch_USB_Tested.part2Download
TP.MS608.PB831_Samsung 40-Inch_USB_Tested.part3Download
TP.MS608.PB831_Samsung 40-Inch_USB_Tested.part4Download
TP.MS608.PB831_Samsung 40-Inch_USB_Tested.part5Download
2TP.MS608.PB831_42S500_Panel T420HVN06.part01Download
TP.MS608.PB831_42S500_Panel T420HVN06.part02Download
TP.MS608.PB831_42S500_Panel T420HVN06.part03Download
TP.MS608.PB831_42S500_Panel T420HVN06.part04Download
TP.MS608.PB831_42S500_Panel T420HVN06.part05Download
3TP.MS608.PB831_HKC H32PA3100A_USB.part01Download
TP.MS608.PB831_HKC H32PA3100A_USB.part02Download
TP.MS608.PB831_HKC H32PA3100A_USB.part03Download
TP.MS608.PB831_HKC H32PA3100A_USB.part04Download
TP.MS608.PB831_HKC H32PA3100A_USB.part05Download
4TP.MS608.PB831_25Q16_Backup DumpDownload
6TP.MS608.PB831_1366x768_Universal IR.part01Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1366x768_Universal IR.part02Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1366x768_Universal IR.part03Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1366x768_Universal IR.part04Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1366x768_Universal IR.part05Download
8TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Samsung IR_Pakistan.part01Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Samsung IR_Pakistan.part02Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Samsung IR_Pakistan.part03Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Samsung IR_Pakistan.part04Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Samsung IR_Pakistan.part05Download
9TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Sony IR_Pakistan.part01Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Sony IR_Pakistan.part02Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Sony IR_Pakistan.part03Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Sony IR_Pakistan.part04Download
TP.MS608.PB831_1920x1080_Sony IR_Pakistan.part05Download

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  1. Salam sir gi kasa ha ap sir im ramzan 4 oman sir ap ka pass cv338h_50 ma NOBal. Ya NIKAI ma softwaer mila ha im wait 4 ans

  2. AoA
    Sir mujy chaina led 32 inch ka software chaya
    Model 6a338 pb818
    Resolution 1366 *768 chaya

  3. files are corrupt. not one of the usb tested files can be extracted on my pc.

  4. Thanks. Do i need to download the universal ir and install it?

  5. hie im having a problem with board TP.MS608.PB831 its freezing when booting up i tried putting the softwares on usb but its not flashing to show that the usb is working any suggestions on what i can do

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