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Z.VST.V56RJ.B & Z.VST.V56RU.B Software Free Download

Z.VST.V56RJ.B & Z.VST.V56RU.B Universal LED TV Board

Z.VST.V56 is a universal LCD/LED TV Controller Driver Board with the main chipset of V56. V56 chip is a chip upgrade based on V59. Following two board models of V56 chipset are:



Z.VST.V56 is a complete LCD TV, driver board, motherboard that has USB VGA HD AV TV in the driver board. It supports high screen resolution 1920×1080 with screen sizes of 15-42 inch LVDS screen. About its USB interface, the Not only USB interface can be used to upgrade programs, but also can use to play video, basically, formats are supported. You can also set a boot display pictures or LOGO.



General Specifications:

Model: LLV56

Board Number: Z.VST.V56RU.B & Z.VST.V56RJ.B

Scheme of the chip: TSUMV56

Input Interface: PC / HD / TV / USB multimedia playing

Voltage Input: Single 12V, 4Amp

Screen interface: LVDS Single 6 / 8 , Double 6 / 8

Screen voltage: 3.3V / 5V / 12V

Resolution: Support high screen 1920 * 1080, 15-42 inch LVDS screen

How to Program:

1. The screen of the program is copied to the USB drive.
2. Insert USB Flash disk to the USB port on the motherboard
3. Connect the keypad, electricity, until you see by the indicator lights on the keypad after flashing in red and green, until after the indicator light flashing, unplug the power, then pull out USB Flash disk, afresh power on.

(Note that write programs do not power outages, crashing won’t be able to use)

Here are below the Z.VST.V56 firmware USB updateable files for free download:


1Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part01Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part02Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part03Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part04Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part05Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part06Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part07Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part08Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part09Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B_All Resolution.part10Download
2Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part01Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part02Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part03Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part04Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part05Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part06Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part07Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part08Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part09Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B_All Resolution.part10Download




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