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DS.V53RL.BK Software Free Download


DS.V53RL.BK is an analog TV control board, which is suitable for Asia-pacific and middle-east market.
DS.V53RL.BK’s USB slot can be used for updating software and playing multimedia, such as MP3 and JPEG. DS.V53RL.BK’s HDMI support for the scheme is 1.3/1.4, HDCP1.2 compliant.



General Specifications:

Model: DS.V53RL.BK

Main Chipset: TSUMV53RUUL

OSD Language: English, Chinese

Panel Type: TFT LCD With LED Backlight

Panel Interface: 1ch/2ch 6bit/8bit LVDS Interface

Max Resolution: 1920×1080

Power to To Panel: 3.3V/5V/12V

Video System: PAL, SECAM, NTSC

Sound System: BG,DK,I,L,M,N NICAM/A2

Max Audio Output Power: 2×3W

Power DC Input Voltage: 12VDC±0.6V 4Amp

Standby Power Consumption <0.3 W (Board Only)

Max current of USB: 500mA

How to Load Software:

1. C copy the L53BK1. Bin on a USB flash drive.
2. Set the voltage on board (this is according to your screen input voltage: 3.3 V / 5 V / 12 V)
3. Connect the U disk to the board, and connect the 7 key, then connect the power adapter, turn it on. Then you can see the light on the keyboard will flash. This means that the board installs the program. (Do not turn off the power at this time!)
4. After a few minutes, the LED will stop flashing, the middle end. Then turn off the power, pull out the USB, then connect the lvds cable and the inverter. Power on. Then the screen shows blue, and you can connect to the HDMI or VGA signal.
The voltage must be set correctly (3.3 V / 5 V / 12 V); Do not turn off the power when installing the program; The screen line does not rotate and does not move.

Factory Mode:



Here are below DS.V53RL.BK firmware all resolution USB updateable for free download:


1DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part01Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part02Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part03Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part04Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part05Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part06Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part07Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part08Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part09Download
DS.V53RL.BK_All Resolution.part10Download

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  1. Hi !
    My name is József from Hungary.
    I bought an DS.V53RL.DK LCD/Led TV board.
    The seller written to download the LAMVP29.bin file then copy a USB flash drive.
    But the TV board does not load the software, then I tried another LAMVP29.bin file but it does not work too.
    When I downloaded L53BK1.bin file the led flash about 5 sec and the sreen is not blue.
    Next I searched bin file for TSUMV53RUUL-Z1 chip, but it does not work.
    I have an idea the latest bin file renamed it to L53BK1.bin then led flash about 15 sec and stopped but the screen is only white.
    Time from here the TV board does not load none bin file.
    Did I spoil ewerything?
    Is there a solution?
    Thanks your reply!
    I hope I am understandable!

  2. Hi !
    Thanks your reply!
    So. I tried more different .bin files,and different resolution displayes but the TV board does not load !
    Next power on the led is red than continous grey no flash, the sreen is only white they were always.
    I think the board firmware isn’t basic position.Should be deleted the current firmware.
    What do you think !

  3. Hi !
    Can do you help me with this?
    The correct firmware.What I need for programing?
    I have a poniprog2000 programer.
    You write the steps please.

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