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TP.V56C.PB818 Software Free Download

TP.V56C.PB818 LED TV Board

TP.V56C.PB818 is analog LCD/LED TV ATV Controller Board that is designed especially for Asian countries and the Middle East as well. TP-V56C-PB818 is a combo, three in one universal Board that is designed the power supply unit and Inverter board with ATV Module three in one embedded board and also called combo tv board. TP_V56C_PB818 supports 24 to 36-inch screens up to resolution 1920×1080. You can use the USB interface for updating software and can also the ability to play Movies/music/photos, Many formats are supported.


General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: Lehua China Universal

Model: TP.V56C.PB818

Main Chipset: TSUV56RJUL-Z1

Product: LED TV Driver Motherboard

Resolution: Up to 1920×1080

Panel Supported: 24″ to 36″

Panel voltage: 12V

Input Supply: 100 to 240V AC

Motherboard power: 48W

Backlight Parameters: 45-63V 27w

Backlight current : 480mA

Speaker Output: 2x5W(8ohm)

Service Code: Menu+1147


How to Load Software:

  1. Copy the required program/bin file or software to the USB-Disk drive
  2. Insert the USB disk drive into the USB interface port on the main board
  3. Connect the keyboard and power on switch, until you see the indicator on the keyboard after flashing in red and green, until the indicator flashing stop then turn off the power, then Pull out USB disk, and power on.

Here are below some TP.V56C.PB818 firmware USB updateable for free download:



3TP.V56C.PB818_HPP 32H2700_Backup DumpDownload

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