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SKR.819 Software Free Download

Skr.819 Three-In-One TV Motherboard

SKR.819 is analog LCD/LED TV ATV control card that is designed especially for Asian countries and the Middle East as well. SKR_819 is a combo, three in one card with Dual AV that is designed the power supply unit and Inverter board with ATV Module three in one embedded board. This board supports 24 to 37 inch screens up to resolution 1920×1080.



General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: China Universal

Model: SKR.B819

Main Chipset: RDA8501

Product: LED TV Driver Board

Resolution: Up to 1920×1080

Panel: 24″ to 37″

Panel voltage: 12V

Input Supply: 100 to 240V AC

Motherboard power: 48W

Backlight: 30-60V 25w

Backlight current : 350mA

Speaker Output: 2x5W(8ohm)

Service Code: Menu+1147

For updating software, you can use not only the USB interface but USB interface also the ability to play Movies/music/photos, Many formats are supported. You can also set boot images or logo.

How to Programm:

  1. Copy the required program or software to the USB-Drive
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the main board
  3. Connect the keyboard and power on electricity, until you see the indicator on the keyboard after flashing in red and green, until the indicator flashing stop then turn off the power, then Pull out USB flash drive, and power on.

Here are below some SKR.819 firmware free download:





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  1. good day. my power supply went off while the TV Board LED was still blinking (USB Firmware upload). when i try to load the “.bin file” after power on, it refuse working. please what should i do. thank you

    • Change the resolution of same firmware the try with USB otherwise, you must load the firmware with programmer

      • thank you sir. i really appreciate you. But please how do i load the firmware with another programmer, should i remove the WINBOND EEPROM (25Q32) ?

        but will try using the USB and change resolution. thank you sir

  2. Thank you sir. i change the resolution and try upload through the USB port but it did not blink (remain on standby). pls how do i load the firmware with a programmer. which of the memory ic ?.

  3. sir mere pass ek led tv hai uska mene peanl cheng kiya tha to usme softwear kiya tha to uska remote nhi kam kr raha hai ab borad no.SPK.819 hai flash ye file CPS6_17010810_RX_SKR_819_A20_IR_XY_AP_M90_PNL_HV320WHB_N81_1366_REF35_AT_N_trunk_460ca146_20170626_180525 ki thi uske bad remote kam nhi kr raha ab kya kru me sir

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