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T.R85.801 Software Free Download

T.R85.801 Universal LED TV Main Board

T.r85.801 is a universal LCD/LED Main Controller Board which is designed especially for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East as well. T.r85.801 supports 32 to 46-inch screens. It supports multiple OSD Languages and Its 8501D chipset stands for Dolby, 8501G supports 3000 games. Its USB supports multimedia record and playback, games (optional) and software upgrade. The special feature of USB1 copies and paste to USB2.




General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: CXEL/China Universal

Model: T.R85.801

Main Chipset: RDA8501, RDA8501C, RDA8501D or RDA8501G

Product: LED TV

OSD language: English, French, Thai, Arabic, Hindi

TV system: PAL BG, DK, I / NICAM/A2
TV Frequency Range: 48.25MHz -863.25MHz total 199 channels

Max Resolution: Up to 1920×1200

Panel Size (inch): 31.5, 32, 37, 40, 42, 46

Panel voltage: 12V, 5V

Panel Connector: Single or Double LVDS type

Max current of USB:  500mA.

Input Supply: 220V AC

Rated Power: 75W

Standby power <0.5W (for board only)

Backlight Power: 45W

Backlight Voltage: 43V-63VDC(M type), 63V-94VDC (H type)

Speaker Output: 2*8W (8ohm)

Service Code: Menu+1147

Here are below some T.R85.801 firmware free download:


2T.R85.801_1366x768_Samsung IR_USBDownloadDownload
3T.R85.801_1366x768_Sony IR_USBDownloadDownload

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