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TP.VST59S.PC815 Software Free Download


TP.VST59S.PC815 is designed for an LCD/LED HD TV Board that supports the screen size of 42″ to 65″. This is three in one motherboard that has the main power module and Inverter module in a single piece of a motherboard. It is best with its interfaces like Dual AV, Dual HDMI input, Dual USB interface, PC Input with audio and Headphone jack. It has 40 pins LVDS Connector screen cable and has 4mb program storage memory.



General Specifications:

Brand/Mark: Leory China Universal HD Three in One Board

Model: TP.VST59S.PC815

Product: LED TV

LED Backlight Current: 480MA, 720MA, 900 MA

100 HZ Supported: Yes

Flash IC: 4Mb

Screen supported: 42-65 inch

Resolution: Upto 1920×1080

Panel Voltage: 12V

Power Input: 220V AC

Service Code:


How to Program:

  1. Format the USB Disk with FAT32 System
  2. Transfer the required resolution file into USB
  3. Insert the USB into TV Motherboard USB interface
  4. Connect the Keyboard&IR
  5. Power on the Main Board and wait until LED light Start Flashing
  6. Keep watching while the LED light stops flashing. Its Done

Here are below some TP.VST59S.PC815 firmware for free download:



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  1. sir gee salam….aap ka yeh post baree mushkel sya mela…Allah aap ko khosh raky….mera masala yeh hay ke mery pass 32 inch led tv hay chinese…samsung…magar mere tv ka led light red aor green blink kar raha hay…may nay kol kar dheka to andar yeh kit tha…TP.VST59S.816PB isky leay keya karoon.plzzzzz

  2. Hello Sir/Madam I am a technician and I am working on a Samsung 55 ” tv Model # UA55HU6000XXZ Version # TS01 the board #TP.VST59S.P.C815 the TV has no sound but perfect video. The speakers r reading good so I am wondering if this is a board issue or a software problem please advice

  3. TP.VST59S.PC815 panel AOU T550HVN06

  4. How do I copy the remote with TV directly and does it fit with these for the board

  5. Is there a new update for this motherboard or converted for example because the screen after using the hand of the global control as you have told me have corrected Thank you looking for now to update the screen resolution to become more Hurghada with the knowledge of my lord when I entered the service menu I did not find a property panel setting

  6. i have a TV “Masimo LE-50FS” that uses VST59S.PC815.
    the problem is that i don’t know how to flash…

    do i need to flash somthing to get it work and responde to my remote control?
    its a full HD model.

  7. Tp.vst59s.pc815
    backlight volt slowely down why?

  8. Tp.vst59s.pc815 similer another board

  9. Hello. I have Innova MC-480F brand with TP.VST95S.PC815 board. How do I grab the firmware into a BIN file from my old board to transfer it to my new one?

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