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TP.VST59S.PB801 Software Free Download


TP.VST59S.PB801 software

TP.VST59S.PB801 Firmware

Brand/Mark: China Universal

Model: TP.VST59S.PB801

Chipset: TSUMV59XES

Product: LED TV

Backlight Info: 45V-63V/40Watt

Supported Resolution: 1920×1080

Service Code: Menu + 1147

Here are below some TP.VST59S.PB801 firmware for free download:


1T.VST59S.PB801_1366X768_Samsung Logo & RemoteDownloadDownload
2T.VST59S.PB801_1366X768_Sony Logo & RemoteDownloadDownload
4T.VST59S.PB801_USB File_77DownloadDownload
5T.VST59S.PB801_USB File_86DownloadDownload
6TP.VST59S.PB801_Backup DumpDownloadDownload
7TP.VST59S.PB801_ LC490DUYDownloadDownload
8TP.VST59S.PB801_43 UHD Panel V420DK1-PS1DownloadDownload
13TP.VST59S.PB801_LED 40D2DownloadDownload
21TP.VST59S.PB801_1920x1080_Samsung Logo & RemoteDownloadDownload
25TP.VST59S.PB801_DISCOVERY LED 32_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload
26TP.VST59S.PB801_General Delux LD4321_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload
27TP.VST59S.PB801_G-Guard GG-43KE_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload
28TP.VST59S.PB801_Guard GG-40KE_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload
29TP.VST59S.PB801_i-VIEW IV-32KE_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload
30TP.VST59S.PB801_National Nanos NA32P2016_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload
31TP.VST59S.PB801_SAMSUNG LED28A01_Backup_DumpDownloadDownload

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  1. thank you very much bhai mujhe iss cheez ki bhut der say talash thi. thanks

  2. Vst59s.pb815 software plz

  3. Please can I have software for tp.vst59s.pb801 LMDS400DH SX LSC400HN05


  5. Muhammad Uzair Siddiqui

    kazim bhai is card me software direct install nai ho raha hai memory copy kr k lagana prh rahi hai any idea kia reason hoga?

  6. Laxmi bhai ji mujhe mt8227 Videocon 22″ ka software denge please

  7. file extract no archives found errer how to slove

  8. Hello sir I have wansa WLE49D8856S model smart tv I need a firmware software for these tv pls send me download link as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  9. Vutv43 inch TV software download

  10. I need to.vst59s.pb801 software

  11. sir man tp.vst59s.pb801 ka software donlowd kar raha hon par ho nai raha plezz ap mujay 03034036612 par send kar dan

  12. Dear sir ,

    I need wansa wle49d8856s firmware download
    Please send me in email

  13. Game videocon led tv 32inch 1366 768 ka software chahka please give me sir

  14. Sir i have wle49d8856s and its stucked now i need its firmware if you please i will be thankfull if you can help

  15. My board no TP.VST59S.PB801 and rosolution 1366*768 HV320WHB Panel matching with Sl No-19 but flashing can not be done with pen drive. I tried other software like Sl. No 10,11 flashing done but remote not working only chinees language displayed.Flashing file having name bin_vst59_sos.bin is working any other named bin file not working.I also rename the Sl No 19 bin file still not working please guide me.

  16. salam
    sir yi software jab hota hi tu remote kam nahi karta aur chinies laug ate hi aur 1366*768 wala tu download nahi hota hi
    sir aghar ap ki pass TP.vst59s.pb801 1366*768 sumsung logo remote mojod hi tu mehrabani kar ki muje gmail par bej di

  17. Hellow sir i have to.vst59s.pb788 Micromax
    me mirror ka option wala software chahiye please

  18. tp vst 59s pb801 -Lc 430 duy sha1 i cannot download schematics double image problem

  19. i need update process to tp.vst59s pb801 board, how to do, i put the bin file in the usb drive, so into the service mode i selected firmware update but got pop up say me dont find file into the drive

  20. i have a TP.VST59S.PB801 board i want to install in FHD panel but thats board come to 1366x 768 RCA firmware. i need install 1920x 1080 firmware i tryed but i put the firmware on a fat32 pendrive when i connect the power, it does not load the firmware, it only turn on tv.

    i have tried to do it from the service mode and it tells me that the update file is not found, it reeats it with any firmware help me please thanks you

    • backup file can be loaded by programmer only

      • tp.vst59s.pb801

        la42db2 panel led samsung yehi h board tp.vst59s.pb801 magar resolution ka pata nahi chal paraha kyu mai ne koi galat update kr ke screen black krdia h led work nahi kr rahi

        • panel ki back side pe sticker hoga. usko google kar len resolution ka pata chal jye ga. agar 39 inches hy to shyad 1366×768 hoga

  21. sir please refresh above list many of them has been expired
    thank you

  22. sir how can i remove samsung remote from board and fix sony remote by software

  23. mohamed a kader

    please i need dump tp.vst59s.pb801 t-con mt3151a05-5-xc-5

    thank you so much

  24. Please yar koi meri help karega. mujhe TP.VST59S.pb801 ka software download karna hai meri led main masla ye hai ke remote sensor aur keys kam nahi kar raha hai led tv ON nahi ho rahi hai software ka masla hai tu mujhe konsa software download karna chaiye. Please help

  25. Hello Kazmi ji, can you please share software for Videocon mt8227 Model LCDTVVAD22FH-NFK?

    Thanks a lot.

  26. salam bhai mere led software delete ho gaya hai led main power a raha hai lekin remote kaam nahi kar raha hai meri led power supply ka number tp.vst59s.pb801 yehi hai lekin panel T430QVN01.0 ye hain tu main in software main se kon sa software download karo jo is k panel pe support karen

  27. Sir I have this led tv card but it doesn’t save only backlight settings in service mode. then its card get hot and off. i also software in led card but it doesn’t work. Please give me solution

  28. sir tp.vst59s.pb801 ka 1280×1024 wala software please

  29. sir i want tpvst59spb801 1920X1080 WITH MIRR mode softewre

  30. Salam Bhai,

    Mere pass tp vst59s pb801 board hai uski power light kabhi low ho jati hai ur kabhi taiz ho jati. Jub low ho jati too LED standby per hi rahti hai ON nahi hoti…Please guide what may be the problem


  32. salam alaykom, I have TP.VST59S.PB801 with pannel HV430FHB-N40, witch one of these firmwares can work with my TV?

  33. sir after installating this software TP.VST59S.PB801-1366×768-USB my remote which was given along with the universal board is not working so please i would some help sir

  34. hello.I have tp.s506 pb801 and panel T390HVD01.2 XL .Which firmware to use for this panel. thanks

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