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Universal LCD/LED TV Controller Boards Schematic Diagrams

Universal LCD/LED TV Controller Boards Schematic Diagrams


Here are the schematic diagrams document for the following few universal LCD/LED controller mainboards for the better understanding of circuit diagrams and block diagrams:

  1. TP.VST59S (TSUMV59S) Universal LCD/LED Board
  2. CV801LE-A-15 Universal LCD/LED Board
  3. TP.VST59S.PB813 Universal LCD/LED Board
  4. TP.VST59.P75 Universal LCD/LED Board
  5. TP.VST59.PB818 Universal LCD/LED Board

Here is the download link of pdf format document file for free download.


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  1. Assalamualekum. Thank you shah sahib for guidance to electronics hobbies and beginners.thanx once again brither

  2. hariom computeronics

    this links are not workig

  3. Kazmi sir,please add another link.thanks

  4. kazmi sir please give me flash file for EB-9700 Gold+ flash file with loader

  5. Assalamu Alaikum, kazmir bay,i need firmware for Universal controller board T.VST59.031

  6. How to downlordw schmatic digram for ledtv

  7. shah g
    EchoStar cx-32u561G
    ka diagram need h.
    plz help me bro

  8. hello sir, thank you for your great support…
    do you have pdf for board number cv59sh-u32,\



  10. Hi Sir, Thanks for your great Support for all.

    Can please share Reconncet HD LED TV Sofewere.

    My TV Getting stuck with Reconnect LOGO

  11. Hi
    I have cv56xl-l universal motherboard.
    I have a problem.
    Main ic CPU will be very hit problem.

  12. Hi Master, do you have a schematic for inolux V500HJ4-Q01 panel board.. Thanks in advance

  13. I’m still searching schematics diagram for TP.MS358.PB818. Please share it.

  14. Hi there happy 4th! Im looking for the firmware file and/or schematics diagram for cv6486h-a42. its in an element e2sw3918. Thanks!

  15. plz upload TP.ATM30.PB801 schematic and where i find this motherboard ?

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