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Dump/Flash Files of Branded/Original Receivers Free Download

Dump/Flash Files of Branded/Original Digital Satellite Receivers

Dump file or Flash file is a boot information data with software/program of an electronic device which is located at EEPROM or Flash IC or Memory IC of that device. Main processor/Microcontroller retrieve the information from memory ic when it is power on to know how to work/boot.

If the Flash IC/Memory IC damaged for any reasons or Its program/firmware corrupt due to any reason then the Main controller does not get any boot/basic information and the device does not turn on. In this situation, we need to reprogram the flash ic with the matched hardware dump/flash file to get the device in normal condition.

Here are some Original/Branded satellite receiver’s Dump/Flash files for free download:


S.No.Dump File NameDownload Link
1Dump Star Track ALI-HD2-EM-VER1.0 TestedDownload
2Dump Echolink 7112 with Loader ToolDownload
3Dump Original Starsat 8989HDDownload
4Dump Original Tiger T8 High Class HD 16MBDownload
5Dump Original Starsat 8800HD HyperDownload
7Dump Starsat 2000HD Extreme 16MBDownload
8Dump Starsat SR-2100HD V1.62Download
9Dump STAR TRACK 5500 HDDownload
10Dump Star Track_7700_HD_HS1024_30001Download
11Dump Starsat 90000HD Extreme with Loader Tool TestedDownload
12Dump Starsat SR-9999HDDownload
13Dump SR-C10HD-B10HD-S10HD-M20HD M3510ADownload
14Dump SUPERMAX SM3000HD 3GDownload
15Dump Star Gold SG-610HD MiniDownload
16Dump StarMax Future SX-6000HD 25Q64 8MbDownload
17Dump STARTRACK SRT 140 HD GSR_GN429_V2.0Download
18Dump SR-990HD_U03_STARSAT_Vega_ALI3510C_HW102.02.001Download
19Dump 2000 HD Hyper_New SerialDownload
20Dump Geant 2000 HD PLUSDownload
21Dump Original PRIFIX 8000HDownload
22Dump Original SR 2000 HD HYPER By Ikram DirujiiDownload
23Dump Original SR 2000 HD HYPER by sami.maanDownload
24Dump Original SR 2000 HD HYPER_2Download
25Dump Original SR 2000 Hyper W25Q64 07032018 By IRDownload
26Dump ORIGINAL SR-88HD SR-98HD (GD25Q32)Download
27Dump Original SR-2000hd-hyper v1.54Download
28Dump Original STARSAT 2000HD HyperDownload
29Dump Original Tiger T8 High ClassDownload
30Dump Senator 888_new versionDownload
31Dump SR 2000 HD HYPER_1Download
32Dump SR 2000HD Hyper By IRDownload
33Dump SR-2000 Hyper New Serial (16,17,19)Download
34Dump STAR TRACK SRT-2016 EXTRA ALI3612_0E010500 v1.4.46Download
35DUMP- StarMax STM 60 ALFADownload
36DUMP- StarMax STM 160 ALFADownload
37Dump starsat 2000 hyper 2.23 Sn 16 by IR_2Download
38Dump starsat 2000hd hyper by SHEHARYARDownload
39Dump Starsat 2000HD sr.15 v.233Download
40Dump Starsat Hyper 2000HD Serial 14Download
41DUMP Starsat SR-6060HD (W25Q32)Download
42DUMP Starsat SR-6969HD PRIME (GD25Q32)Download
43DUMP Starsat SR-7979HD mx25L3205Download
44DUMP Starsat SR-8000HD (W25Q64)Download
45Dump Starsat SR-9000HDDownload
46Dump Starsat SR-50000HDDownload
47Dump StarSat_2000_Hyper_new chipDownload
49Dump TIGER T6 HIGH CLASS HD 8MbDownload
50Dump Tiger T800 Full HDDownload
55DUMP-StarMax A50Download
56DUMP-StarMax A150Download
57DUMP-StarMax STM 50 ALFA 8MbDownload
58DUMP-StarMax STM 150 ALFADownload
59Dump Original_StarSat SR-2000HD ACEDownload
60Dump Starsat SR-B10 MegaDownload
61Dump Starsat SR-C10 2MbDownload
62Dump Starsat SR-M20 1MbDownload
63Dump Starsat SR-T10 Ultra 1MbDownload
64Dump Starsat SR-T15 512KBDownload
65Dump Starsat SR-7000HD and Freesat 7000HDDownload
66Dump ALI3612_0E000600_neosat_linka01_or_Linka02Download
67Dump FLASH- StarMax A20Download
69Dump Neosat 550 HD Software 8MbDownload
70Dump Neosat 550HD Ali 3612 0E000600Download
71Dump Original Starsat SR 9999HD+Upgrade ToolDownload
72Dump Original Starsat SR 13000HDDownload
73Dump Original Starsat SR-9898HD V1.18Download
74Dump Star Track 2016 Plus 8MbDownload
76Dump Starsat SR-6300HD 4MbDownload
77Dump Starsat SR-6969HD PrimeDownload
78Dump Starsat SR-90000HD Extreme Load by ProgrammerDownload
79Dump Starsat SR-S10 1MbDownload
80Dump STARTRACK M3601SAllCo HDDownload
81Dump Super Golden Lazer 1100 SuperDownload
82Dump Super Golden Lazer 2200 SuperDownload
83Dump Super Golden Lazer 4020 SuperDownload
84Dump Super Golden Lazer 5000 SuperDownload
85Dump Super Golden Lazer 8000 HD ClassicDownload
86Dump Super Golden Lazer 8000 HDDownload
87Dump Super Golden Lazer 2012 HDDownload
88Dump Super Golden Lazer 7000 HDDownload
89Dump Super Golden Lazer_888_777_999_v7.34_v2Download
90Dump Super Lazer 2015_extremDownload
92Dump Tiger T600HD 2USB with Loader ToolDownload
93Dump Tiger T800HD-v2.20Download
94Dump Titanium HD-T7800Download
95Dump Titanuim 7500HDDownload
96Dump True V T 9000-25q64Download
97Dump TRUMAN TM888 HD-YW-LINKA01-VER1.2Download
98Dump ALIM3501 HD3602ZB V1.3 4MbDownload
99Dump Openbox S11 HD PVR HDS2Download
100Dump Tiger G550 HD 8MbDownload
101DUMP STARSAT SR-2070HDDownload
102Dump Starsat SR-2095HD 16MbDownload
103Dump StarSat_2000_Hyper_17_Serial_V2.57Download
104Dump Star Track SRT 2016 Plus_YW-LINKA01-VER1.0 (S25FL064P)Download
105Dump Tiger T8 High Class v2Download
106Dump Premium 12800 Plus 16MbDownload
107Dump Mediastar MS-4030 4KDownload

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  1. Bhai site se download nahi ho raha uploaded site Chang kar lo

  2. Muhammad Imran latif

    Mera star 2000hd hyper wrong softwear ki waja say kharab hogaya ha. Kiya main USB Kay through recover karsakta hun.

  3. sir mery pass Starsat 60000HD recievee hai. Is mein dongle k through and LAN k through net connect nahi ho raha NO INTERNET INTERFACE ka error aa jata hai. Maine kafi sary software kar k dekh lia hai bit no result. Pehly ye bar bar ON/OFF karny sy net pakat leta tha laikn ab is tarh bhi net nahi connect kar raha. Electrician kehta hai hardware mein problem nahi hai. Please mera masla solve kat dien.

  4. ECHOLINK EL 8888 HD, upgrade varsion please?

  5. Hi sir

    Starmax 6000 hd ki dump file download nahi ho rhi

  6. Dump StarMax Future SX-6000HD 25Q64 8Mb ineed this dump file

  7. Super Jo apna keemti time nikal k kartay hai ye her koi nahi kar sacta hai thanks brother well done sir

  8. halfan abdallah seif

    well am looking for dump file for newmax 779 HD dvbs/ts thanks

  9. hi
    please upload dump starsat 90000 extreme in http://www.mediafire.com its so easy to download.. i cant download from http://www.upload4earn.org

  10. Bhai mjhe classhd 550hd super receiver ka software chahye powervu keys wala .
    software version v_1.0.0.0 hai aur product name ALI3510A-Me…………

  11. Salam Sir,
    meyre Pass Starsat 90000 Extreme Boot per ruka hoa h mean ne app ki youtube per per bhee vedio
    k metabiq software keya by RS-232 k through keya softwere success ho jata h time bhee 50 mints lagte hean per pher bhee Boot per thera hoa h,
    Kindly kuch rehnmay keje

  12. Thanks Kazmi sahib u done a great work. These are all professional secrets which u were openly shared. I hopw u will continue it.

  13. Salam Sir
    Mere Pas Tokyosat TS-X500 USB HD Receiver hai jis mein Board BS-GX6605S-ZB Hai
    main us ko update karta hu to HW Error ata hai… maine net sy Boht search ki hai lakin mujhe is ka Soft ware ni mila..plz mujhe is model ka software send kar dian ,,

  14. Salaam bhai Jan ap ne 16pin ic ki jaga 8pin wala ic lagaya tha mane b wassy he Kiya tha lekin mere racivar me idtnti erro gya hai keypad b kam nahi karta is ka koi hal

  15. bhaijaan software download nahi ho raha Kisi Bhi Nahi Aata software download Naina ho raha please bhai software download Ka Tarika batao please please

  16. Sir main loader se sr 2000 HD hyper per software Kr Raha the K bijjlii challi gayie.jab doobara Karenay Laga to loader ke page pr neechay likha aata hai initialize stb sdcam failed.what is the solution?

  17. my qsat 26 is dead how recover.only red light on show

  18. sallam as my server of starsat 2000hd hyper expired so i try your video link for free server till 2026 but on file that is downgrade file after upgradation process reciever wont start its dead means file was corrupt or mismatch with my reciever and its dead. kazmi sahib plz guide me how to dump with loader and which dump file i need for starsat hd hyper reciever plz guide me waiting

    • W.Salam, if the box is old serial(13,14,15) then it will be dumped by the loader or it is later serial (16,17,19) then it can be recovered by the programmer. both dump files are shared in this post

  19. need srt 2020 plus flash file 25q16

  20. my starsat extream 2000 hd is stuck on RED light only flashing, the receiver cant display on screen how can i solve this Issue ?only flashing red en change the front light into like blue colour how can i install dump file ?

  21. Please send me Class hd alpha ‘ll receiver software.

  22. Bro Software list showing only 102 entries But few weaks ago it was showing more than 500 hundred if am not worng….

  23. rana salahuddin

    we need gospell stb c board number 7600F-00-1616-V1.1
    chip hi3716
    we need this set top box dump file

  24. reciver hitech no1 hd2 plus dump file not avalible please help me

  25. Kazmie sahb dump file reciver hitech no1 hd 2 plus plus answer my question.

  26. Kazmi sahb reciver hitech no 1 hd 2 plus dead how recovery reciver ko mera pass dump file nehihe please help me

  27. Kazmi sahb find dump file reciver hitech no 1 hd 2 plus and video beano flash se terika please help me

  28. Kazim bahi Mera tiger t8 high class ka software update nahi horaha na USB se na net se kia waja hai iski

  29. hello i need flash dump sonic hd x6000 plus

  30. مساء الخير انا متاج فلاشه طوكيو سات 500 usb hd

  31. Kazmi sb reveiver k schematic kid website se miltay han

  32. Jalil mirshafiei from sari

    I need flash dump reciever i class i 65 Android . thanks for you alot.

  33. hi i need soft or flash dump hyper 2000 hd gshare free my stb sn is 131219029621 tanks

  34. The file for SR 9000 HD is damaged, please upload a new one.

  35. Salam dear i need flash ic Ali3510d 3510c kazmi bhai ek mangwe the megaeshop s wo ni lag rhe Ali3510d m kyo bhai purne ic chote or new bhare

  36. bhai mera reciver final downgrade hotay huay hang hogaya hai.mein kya karun
    file dump loader nahin utha raha koi solution batadain plz

  37. bhai ye dump chaye muje sed plz sar bord number GX6101D-RDA5815M-S13113 TRACK STAR 5000 SUPER PLUS FTA HE

  38. hello i need help i have problem vith 2000hd hyper -short occurred to LNB/ANT connection


  40. sir g file m3105d rev 2.0b

  41. m3105d rev 2.0b file

  42. i need dump file for starsat sr 4050 extreme

  43. and Loader Software Starsat sr 4050 extreme pleas

  44. i need dump file for STARSAT SR 4050 Extreme and loader pleas

  45. Salam,

    please i need dump for my STB: STARBOX HD-300
    ROM: 25Q64
    Board number: ST3511- v2
    thank-you very much.

  46. Dear Friend.

    My tiger t8 high class v2 showing boot loading problem. When power on display shows Boot.
    Then nothing happned.
    So please help me to solve this issue.


    Shahin sarkar

  47. Dear boss, i need pemium x px1 dumb file, kindly uplead

  48. DUMP FILE chaye tiger t10+ full hd extra bord no GS3301AF 20131212

  49. AOA kazmi sb ap ki sub videos share and like be ki hain sub good hain. But my dish receiver ka software nahe mila RS X 2200 IR ver IT384SE_R1.8 of 23/12/2015 ka digital hay. Kia is main hd ka software ho secta hay k nahe. Plz tell me. Thank

  50. اسلام اليكم
    Kazmi sab
    I need HD box500
    Dump file
    Pls help me
    Thank you.

  51. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

  52. my Starsat Sr 90000 Extreme stuck on Boot : when i try to load the software using downloadTool says
    SPINAND: read id error!
    error: gxflash init failed
    error:flash get type failed

  53. Farooq ahmad abro

    Bs-gx6605s-zb fail

  54. Dear Sir,
    Please note that dump file of SR-9999-HD which listed in your list does not work .. it always fail when I try to update my receiver .. could you help please
    Product Name : SR-9999-HD
    H/D Ver. ALI 3601_A
    S/W Ver. 1.48
    Serial No. 131026025803

  55. Bhai jan mert pas star x SR-4500 ka reciever hai jus ka hardware version HSP06-A-2-8 ha aur wo cccam show ni kr raha to ap mujhay is ka latest version bta den xa link de den


    Asamwalakum mery pass starsat sr-x1 pro recver ha bachoon na isko online update ka button daba dia reciver deed hogaya hay masla ya hay mujhay reciver ka recovery software or reciver repair ka tarika chaiay MAHAR BANEE HOGE; HAMARA CITY LOCK DOWN HA VIRUS KI WAGHA SA

  57. I dumped my STAR TRACK SRT 2016 plus firmware and it is 4mb, it could be that it is a clone. Do you perhaps have firmware for my STB? I would really appreciate it.

  58. Kazmi Bhai Tiger T 8 mini Ultra ki dump file required hai

  59. A/S!

    Tiger 2200 nd Tiger ZF-7777 dump file is not available,?

  60. Asalam alakum kazmi sb star sat 2200 hd extreme main teen char bar factory default kiya hay phir bhe server setting ho ya or koi channel pay ruuk jata hay jb bhe dobara on karon to chalta hay sir please help me sir software bhe change kiya hay

    • w.salam software upgrade ya downgrade karen

      • Assalamualaikum Sir,
        I saw your video on YouTube regarding Free GShare for Starsat SR2000HD Hyper. 1st of all I just would like to tell you that I am not good at all in these (technical) things. I tried a lot but I am not able to download GShare file. Kindly if you can send it to me through e-mail (e-mail add. : tahirkd@yahoo.com), I will be very thankful to you. Just for your information my receiver serial starting with 14…… & software version is 1.62 (Date : Jun 18 2014).
        Waiting for your kind reply,
        Thank you & best regards.

        • w.salam dear i removed the video and software link as well because that was expired.

          • Any new GShare software available …
            As I saw many videos that recently new free GShare software is available.
            My problem is that I am not able to download it or you can say that I don’t know how to download it.
            Kindly I need your help, please …
            Thank you very much in advance.

          • may be available but not tried by me

          • Jazak Allah Khair Brother ,,,

  61. OST S1506C 2018 D2 v1.3
    Is ka Software Update ho skta hai ?
    To is ki file ka link send kr dety

  62. Assalamoalaikum
    sorry some mistake in previous comments write again.
    Kazmi bhai i want to updatted flash file and lodder for” FORTEC STAR LIFETIME II ” digital satellite receiver

  63. HI sir, dump available for board vs.sp35851 with chiptset Msd6a358atg pls, power failure during firmware update and now tv in black screen and standby mode, please help me sir

  64. Sir Plz T8 MINI ULTRA KI DUMP provide kry or apna koii whatsapp number dy plzzz

  65. Tiger t10 grand dump file required sir

  66. sir tiger t8 high class v2 ke dump file mil jy ge ?

  67. Hello
    someone have dump for gospell receivers?

  68. hello
    dump please

  69. Hi I have a finder model sf-001 and dump/flash damaged.
    Is it possible to find its dump/flash file and reflash it.
    thank yoi

  70. Sir mene abi ap ki web sit se
    Tiger t8 v2 ki dump file download ki hai
    Receiver on ho gaya hai lekin softwares password mang raha
    Please sir us ka password kya bata den
    Chanel sating installation koch b open nh hita password mangta hai

  71. Assalam-O-Alaikum, Dear Bro Ap Ne Jo Link Diya Tha Tiger T8 Mini Ultra Ki Dump File K Liye Wahan Nai Mili, Or Maine Bohat Search Kiya, Iski Original “Dump File” Kahin Nai Mil Rai, Kindly Ap Koi Solution Dy Den, Receiver During Software Update Light Off Hone Sy Boot Py Chala Gya Tha Or Na Display Just Boot Show Krta Hai, Hardware Version Same Hai Tiger T8 High Class Wala, Kya Uski “Dump File” Sy Chal Jaye… Sir Koi Solution Bata Den, Meri Help Ho Jaye Gi, Thnx…

  72. Eynulla Mardanov

    Hello wiztech wiz-7770 hd dump files

  73. Hello Sir, please I have SRT 4922A with a corrupt flash memory when I replaced with same working receiver flash memory it remained dashes any help with my situation? Thank you

    • resold the memory ic and check display

      • Hello sir, please am not talking about video problem, I am talking about some of the flash memory ic do not work when you replace it with the type of the receiver flash memory like (SRT 4922) any way out please?

        • Yes dear some boxes have the same issue. tow solutions are there. The first is to use the original flash back and the other is to load some other receiver software with a same main chip. already shared a video on the same issue of 25L3236F flash ic with GX6605 Chipset

  74. Star Max future 6000 hd dump file install hu ta hai lakin receive work NAI tar ta hai

  75. kisi k pass N-S963 ka software hai

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